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Creating an amazing wooden home

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Have you ever looked at beautiful wooden homes and wondered what goes into making them? There has to be more to it than simply erecting a large garden shed, right? Well there is! We found a fantastic project that was documented from start to finish, so we are going to show you what you can expect if you hire a building team to erect a stunning wooden home. We know you're going to be blown away by how beautiful the end result is, so let's take a look! 

Laying the foundations.

minimalistic Houses by Building With Frames
Building With Frames

Groundworks in for next lodge.

Building With Frames

As you'll see, this project results in a wonderfully spacious, one-story wooden home, but it's rare to see the very beginnings of a project. Here, we are privy to a real ground-up view and we see just how expansive the footprint of the home will, eventually, be! What a great plot too!

Build it up.

With the foundation pad laid, the main structure could be begun, with extensive scaffolding in place. You can see that there is absolute adherence to health and safety policies here and the delicate building materials are being protected with weatherproof sheeting. 

Adding some detail.

Oh wow! Now we can see exactly how the house will be finished! Exterior cladding is going to transform what could have been an overly simplistic building into a modern masterpiece! The attention to detail needed to effectively apply cladding is off the scale, so we can't wait to see how neat this looks!

Extra luxury.

Why build yourself a charming wooden home if you're not going to indulge yourself a little? We love that a striking and pretty outdoor terrace has been added to this build and it looks so natural, thanks to being constructed from the same wood that the house has been clad in! And just look at that cladding!

Comfortable proportions.

minimalistic Living room by Building With Frames
Building With Frames

Liviing Room, flooring and fuel burner in.

Building With Frames

We have to admit that we were curious as to how the inside of this home was going to be finished! Some people would have opted for interior cladding, to match the outside, but the rustic cabin-feel might have been a bit much. Instead, pretty plastered walls, finished in gorgeous soft colors have been selected, but the rustic element is still included, thanks to a beautiful wood burner!

Amazing use fo space.

While this home is generous, for the type of home that it is, it isn't as large as a standard build might be, which has called for a more imaginative use of space. We love the way that this kitchen has been built into a corner and includes an angled island, as it makes for such a free-flowing and usable spot!

From the back.

minimalistic Houses by Building With Frames
Building With Frames

Exterior landscapng at back of the lodge.

Building With Frames

You know you've stumbled upon a beautiful building when even perfunctory items, such as air conditioning housings, don't spoil the vista! The utterly gorgeous combination of natural and black wood here makes for an elegant, modern and yet organic building that naturally draws us towards it to find out more. Let's take a look at the front!

Spectacular facade.

 Patios & Decks by Building With Frames
Building With Frames

Landscape gardening outside lodge

Building With Frames

Wow! We knew that this was going to be a gorgeous, covetable home, but we couldn't have predicted just how phenomenal it would actually be! Stunning, modern, warm and timeless, this home makes us seriously think about relocating to heh country and building something similar. The cost-effectiveness would have convinced us initially, but seeing how gorgeous this home is has totally won us over.

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