13 smart ideas for your home for less than $100

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Upgrading a home is a never ending task, but you don't want to blow the budget, do you? With that in mind, we've discovered a host of wonderful things that you can do for under $100 that will still make a wonderful impact! Interior designers are geniuses when it comes to making a home look better with a few simple touches and we've discovered some of their secrets, which we're going to share with you right now! Put away the design magazines and see which of these terrific ideas could add the finishing touches that you've been longing for!

1. Add kitchen racks.

Simple yet so effective, adding some extra kitchen racks will not only look great, they'll also free up a wealth of cupboard space too. This idea is perfect for those of you that have an interest in cooking, as you can keep your most frequently used condiments to hand!

2. Use some fabulous colors.

A fast and effective upgrade idea is to paint some furniture in a new and funky color! From kitchen cabinets through to old sideboards, anything wooden can be easily upcycled and given a new lease of life if you select a modern and dazzling shade!

3. Freshen up your entrance.

Your entrance is key to making a good first impression with your home, so you want to make it really beautiful! A snazzy doormat and some potted plants are great value for money but will make for such a striking and well finished home entrance!

4. Bring your floors back to life.

If you have wooden floors in your home, a great way to inject a little extra interior style is to give them a freshen up! This could be as simple as a deep clean, or a little more involved, but even hiring some sanders and revarnishing will be a great investment!

5. Re-black your fire.

Most DIY stores stock specialist cast iron paint, so if you have beautiful original fireplaces in your home, take the time to give them a fresh coat of blackening paint. You'll be shocked at how well they come up and will be a lovely focal point in any room!

6. Get your hallway organized.

A messy hallway is such a letdown, so if you are keen to give your home a serious injection of designer style, a piece of storage furniture will be a wonderful investment. Choose something that has integrated seating too and it will be extra handy!

7. Upcycle funky items.

We love a spot of upcycling, as it's a brilliant way to create unique furniture, without spending much money! A favorite idea is to turn an old ladder into a set of stunning shelves and all you'll need is some extra wood for the shelves themselves!

8. Invest in a new light fixture.

If one of your rooms always seems to fall a little short of your expectations, could it be that you don't have an eye-catching light fixture in place? For a living or dining room, we think that a really striking shade makes a huge difference and will add such a designer look.

9. Add storage to messy rooms.

Little ones are a blessing but their rooms can quickly become untidy! If you invest in some easy to use storage items, you can them encourage them to keep their bedrooms a little less cluttered. For extra cool parent points, you can let them choose what you buy!

10. Invest in an energy-efficient tap.

A water-saving tap is not only a fantastic environmental choice for your home, it will also save you money in the future and make your kitchen look brand new! Choose a polished chrome variety for serious style points and enjoy those utility bill savings!

11. Start some modular storage.

The joy of modular storage is that you can keep adding to it, as and when you need to, without having to fork out for an expensive display cabinet all in one hit! These wood and white boxes are cost-effective and yet, beautiful and practical too!

12. Add door furniture.

To give your front door a little revamp, why not consider visiting your local DIY store and buying some beautiful cast iron hardware? Hinges, studs and knockers are all cheap to buy, but will totally transform your door and give it a really rustic look.

13. Have your carpets cleaned.

Carpets are wonderful for adding comfort and warmth to a home, but it's shocking how quickly they can become dirty and dull! You won't notice it until they have been professionally cleaned, so why not call in the pros and see what a difference it makes to your rooms?

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Which of these ideas would you love to try out?

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