15 kitchen projects to inspire you!

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Revamping the kitchen in your home can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don't know what style you want to embrace or which innovative ideas you should include, but we are here to help! We've been paying attention to what talented kitchen planners and what they have been creating for their clients and we think that we have honed in on some fabulous ideas that will contribute to your new kitchen being more practical, intensely stylish and timeless. If you're in the market for some serious kitchen inspiration, come with us now as we indulge you!

1. Perfect for families.

A kitchen in a family home should always strike the right note of inclusive and functional and we think this project has perfectly balanced those elements! A breakfast bar for eating and playing on is countered by a rear wall, filled with handy appliances, meaning everyone has a vested interest in being in here!

2. Use the space you (don't) have.

Small kitchen interior design Ksenia Konovalova Design Modern Kitchen Wood White
Ksenia Konovalova Design

Small kitchen interior design

Ksenia Konovalova Design

Small kitchens can still be gorgeous and fantastically usable, if you get a little creative with the space you have to play with. We adore this wraparound counter that becomes a dining spot in a separate room, but still maintains a connection to the wider kitchen. So clever!

3. Add hidden storage.

Instead of simply choosing top and bottom cabinets for your kitchen, we think you should take a leak out of this project's book and add hidden potential! What looks like just another cupboard opens up into a pull-out larder installation and we think it's fantastic! You'd never lose a tin of tomatoes again!

4. Choose bold colors.

If you love a splash of bold and fun color, why not go all out and make your kitchen something to really notice? This red and black design is daring and unusual, but undeniably covetable and beautiful. Plus, you know that not many other people would have the same set-up as you!

5. Don't forget the task lighting.

It's said that every room in your home should have three layers of lighting and in a kitchen, this is even more vital! We think the task lighting here, which illuminates the integrated hob to perfection, is utterly incredible and should inspire you to install something similar. You don't want to be using knives in the dark, after all!

6. Save space with integrated appliances.

Smaller kitchens need to be exceptionally well thought out in terms of layout and we love what has been done here! Choosing integrated appliances has ensured maximum storage, counter space and ease of movement around the area. The hob is our favorite part!

7. Choose the color of the year.

It's no secret that gray is THE color for 2017, in terms of interior design, so if you are planning a kitchen upgrade this year, why not take a look at some gray options? A new neutral shade, even in years to come it will look modern, sleek and stylish, so it won't just be a flash in the pan popular choice!

8. Go modern with drawers.

This kitchen is so beautiful and thanks to extensive top cupboards, a more modern tack could be taken at the bottom. More and more contemporary kitchens are opting for deep drawers in place of traditional cabinets and we can understand why. With no hunting around necessary, they are so practical and look terrific too!

9. Make your island do much more!

Your kitchen island is a great resource in terms of adding more counter space to your kitchen, as well as handy dining potential, but it can do even more! Installing an integrated hob will free up so much worktop space in other areas and a striking extractor will finish the look perfectly.

10. Add multi-functional touches.

Speaking of islands, if you aren't using yours like this one, you might be missing a trick! Even a skinny island has plenty of space for dining on, if you keep the surface clear and bar stools can simply slide underneath when not in use! Neat and inspiring!

11. Treat it like an art installation.

Wow! Don't you just love how amazing this extractor hood is? It's basically an art installation, which we think should inspire your choices in the future! Instead of simply hiding your appliances, you can now opt for loud and proud options that add as much aesthetic appeal as they do practicality.

12. Choose function and cost-effectiveness.

If you want to reinvent your kitchen but don't have access to a huge budget, you can still create something wonderful, as this lovely project proves! A budget kitchen, with simple worktops and cabinets, the functionality of the space has really lead the process and still garnered pretty results.

13. Hide your handy accessories.

We all want to add some convenience to our kitchens, with things like dishwashers and time-saving appliances, but do you want them out on show? If you love the idea of a sleek kitchen installation, this project is chock-full of sneaky additions and we love how well camouflaged they are!

We had to take a look at some of the other additions to this particular project as it has truly mastered the art of hidden surprises! The double drawer here adds far more storage and organisation potential, but when it's closed, you'd never know!

14. Add light in unexpected places.

We know that this would be a serious revamp idea, but if you have the capacity, we can't recommend including more windows enough! These low and wide styles maintain privacy, inject so much natural light and break up the expanse of cabinets perfectly. 

15. Be yourself!

Finally, we want to drum into you a really important point. Always be yourself when you decorate a room! If you love lime green, use it! If you have quirky taste, who cares? It's your home and you need to make sure it looks and functions exactly as you want it to. Identify what's important to you and build your kitchen around your priorities.

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