10 marvelous ideas for a kitchen island

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If the kitchen is the heart of the house, the kitchen island is the soul of the kitchen! It is the nucleus where most of the work is done. It is the central point around which family members cluster to participate in the cooking preparation, or even just to chat. The kitchen island also brings a sense of roominess to the kitchen as well as an optimum utilization of available space. So let’s have a look at 10 amazing ideas for a kitchen island! 

​The natural look.

Granite is a great choice for a kitchen island. Beautiful, durable and low-maintenance, it also has a natural look that is ideal for a kitchen with a green view.

​Illuminating a trendy island.

The kitchen island is the primary work center and should be well-lit. This modern monochromatic kitchen has a sleek and trendy kitchen island that is illuminated by 3 elegant hanging lights and by a spotlight.

​Stylising the extractor hood.

This contemporary kitchen has a nifty kitchen island that doubles as a breakfast bar. There is no reason for the extractor hood to detract from the ambiance – look how cleverly it has been designed to be decorative as well as functional!

​Adding a splash of color.

A touch of color lifts the mood of a living space – and who doesn’t love a cheerful kitchen! Red is used sparingly in this modern designed kitchen island, which also has a bookshelf, for the perfect dollop of vibrancy.

​Modern sophistication.

The cool, trendy look of this sleek black kitchen island-plus-breakfast bar, bordered by white walls, receives warmth and comfort from the yellow lighting and wooden floor.

​An integrated kitchen space.

Wooden furniture and a marble floor are beautifully complemented by a granite kitchen island. Sleek, modern and rustic, the island separates as well as integrates the kitchen and dining areas.

​Minimalist beauty.

This lovely minimalist creation in beige and brown looks very refined! The sleek appearance of the kitchen island is in harmony with the trendy lights above and the clean lines of the cabinets.

​Rustic luxury.

A spacious kitchen can have a big, beautiful kitchen island located right in the middle for ease of movement. The drawers and cabinets make the island a convenient storage space as well. The wooden beams above and the lush plants visible through the large windows enhance the beautiful natural effect manifold.

​An industrial flavor.

Using cement and steel for the kitchen island is a very creative idea for a rough industrial look in the kitchen.

​Small and cozy

This cozy, rustic kitchen island that doubles as a breakfast bar proves that an island can be a gorgeous feature even in a small kitchen!

These 10 beautiful kitchen islands give us loads of inspiration for including this functional and stylish feature in our kitchens! Here are few more ideas that might interest you - 7 dream homes you cannot resist!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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