minimalistic Houses by Building With Frames

From zero to hero: a home that is worthy of a sneak peek

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A home built from scratch requires incredible amount of planning before the real work actually begins. For today’s tour, we are travelling to Exeter and feasting our eyes over this beautiful home by the countryside. The designers and builders are from Building with Frames—a company that focuses on using the best materials in home construction. They had taken up this project and painstakingly transformed this old, dilapidated structure to an eye-catching dwelling. Come, let’s take this tour and marvel at the results after its unbelievable makeover!

​Before: the living room.

minimalistic Houses by Building With Frames
Building With Frames

Internal Living Room in Progress

Building With Frames

As we enter the under-construction home, we can see the various frames that have been put together to create this structure. The insulation in the walls is also visible at this stage of the construction process.

​Before: a peek above.

minimalistic Living room by Building With Frames
Building With Frames

Living Room Roof in progress

Building With Frames

Sloped ceilings and a big skylight give the home a comfy feel already. The wooden beams have been placed strategically to provide a sturdy roof to the house.

​After: the new living room.

The finished living room looks spectacular. The glass door looks out into the field. Beautiful dark wood flooring forms a great contrast with the white cabinets lining the wall.

​After: a brand new roof.

The support beams are in the perfect position for lighting fixtures as well as for hanging lamps. The metal lamps are ideal for providing illumination at night. During daytime, the two large skylights will be sufficient.

​Before: outside perspective.

It is important to see that the side elevation is created using a tested method. The designers have used the frames and insulation for maximum protection. This view also allows us to see the layout of the home.

​After: a finished exterior that exudes finesse.

The outside of the house is lined with bricks as well as wooden planks. This combination of materials is perfect for a home in the countryside. The designers have placed two doors opening into the backyard to make it accessible from different parts of the house.

​Before: end elevation.

The end elevation offers a look at the vertical structure of the house. We get to see the garage in progress as well as how the house looks from a distance.

​After: the versatile garage.

The garage roof is supported by wooden columns, which are quite extraordinary. The steps leading from the backyard towards the garage are paved with stones and bricks. This perspective of the house is essential for understanding how the entire house is laid out along with the number of different elements that were used inside and outside during construction.

​After: insulated roof.

The portion of the roof that is flat is covered with moss to provide better insulation. This practice might be new for some viewers, but is quite useful in Exeter. The designers have kept in mind the weather patterns while deciding how to build the house.

​After: the complete house after its finishing touches.

One last look at the home has made us fall in love with this place. Brilliant construction and layout, coupled with a combination of building materials is what makes this home truly unique. 

Kudos to the designers for coming up with an idea that will last for a lifetime. Here's another home transformation that might interest you - Reincarnation of an old yet charming home!

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