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All of us love soft, fluffy cushions around the house. These look beautiful, keep you comfortable, and can make a room look inviting! However, cleaning and maintaining cushions can be quite a tricky job. Throwing few electric color cushion make the room look vibrant and bright. There are different maintenance tips for different materials and you need to be careful to ensure they do not lose their look and feel. Below are five tips to take care of your cushions so that they forever maintain their sparkle, quality and color:

1. Maintaining polyester, velvet, and cotton pillowcases.

Polyester, velvet, and cotton are all thick, durable materials. They can be easily machine washed without worrying about ruining the material. For all these three types of cushion cases, throw them into the washing machine and use the delicate laundry program. You can add a mild soap to help clean. You can iron the cotton cases, but it is recommended to not use hot iron on velvet or polyester. You can dry them out on a smooth surface to remove wrinkles.

​2. Washing soft-tissue pillows.

Soft pillowcases including silk, linen, or tricot should only be washed by hand. This is because they are very delicate materials and will be damaged when machine-washed and dried.  Add some mild detergent or soap to warm water and soak them in. Gently rub them to remove any dirt and dry them in shade. If you want them ironed, make sure you place a cloth on top of them and iron. Do not place direct heat on them, ever.

3. ​Cleaning fur pillows.

This can be quite a challenge. Fur pillows are usually expensive and if you wash them without following proper instructions, you will lose the fluffiness and softness of the material. Such pillows have washing care instructions on their label. Check it out and if you are still doubtful, ask some help from your nearest laundry store.

4. ​Maintaining suede cases.

Suede is an amazing material to make your cushions feel luxurious and comfortable. The downside is that they can be soiled very easily. Try choosing darker shades of suede to make this manageable. If you do not have any specific cleaning product, try adding a little conditioner (white) to a few drops of water and apply on the soiled area. Use a clean towel to gently rub any excess conditioner.If you have light-colored suede furniture, try using your kid’s eraser (rubber) to wipe out dirt.

5. Take note of the filling inside your cushion.

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Master bed by WN Interiors


If you decide to wash your cushion, understanding what filling it has is as important as finding out the cover material. Most cushions come with washing instructions. Foam cushions can be machine washed, but other materials might be ruined. If you are doubtful about washing them at home, you can dry wash them and let them rest for a few days in an aerated area before using.

Follow these five easy steps, and you can be ensured of everlastingly spotless, shining cushions! Here are few more ideas that might interest you - 25 unique fences for your home!

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