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The facade of the home is where its real personality lies. It is the look of the facade, which creates that first impression. The challenging part about designing a winning facade lies in making it match the scale and structure of home even as the designers seek to give it a unique theme and an elegant play of materials. Another challenge lies in the upkeep of the facade and the use of materials that will reflect high design values. The use of materials will also have a bearing on the kind of maintenance that has to take place. It is exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, which makes it all the more challenging to maintain. Let us now take a look at a beautiful facade, which has enjoyed a few tweaks to move with time. Credit goes to the flooring experts at Phu Bortnowski.

​Combination of colors.

The white and wooden scheme of this facade makes it an elegant one. The play of geometry adds a whimsical edge to the space. While the lower floor has been completely done up with planks of wood to show off a mix of grains, the upper story of the home enjoys a splash of white paint with wooden accents. The column, windows and other details have been done up with wood so that there is some connection with the lower half. The lower floor also has a foundation in white in order to match it to the upper floor.

​Insulation at its best.

The home is a well-planned one—a fact that is apparent, thanks to the layer of insulation that has been added to the periphery between the lower and the upper floor so that there is plenty of warmth spreading through the home. The concrete setting is in need of some cladding as well.

​It’s all in the details.

The scheme of things here show that the designers have paid a lot of attention to details. The robust saffron wooden hues meet their subtle match with the light hued frames that hold the sheets of tinted glass for the windows. The 45-degree angles also ensure that the home has a symmetrical play in every corner. Additionally, the brass screws give a sense of high quality construction as far as the various materials go.

​Use of wood.

Wood has been used well in this space to give a sense of warmth even as the sheer scale of the home comes alive, courtesy the large planks that line the lower floor of the home. The deck has been installed on one side so that there is some concrete element at play too.

​Easy to maintain elements.

The line of insulation as well as the pillars have been set in a way that is easy to maintain. This also makes it hassle-free to re-oil and replace any of the wooden planks.

​Beauty in progress.

While the home is still a work in progress, one can see the beautiful and practical style emerging.

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