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If there was ever a house to come across while you were lost in the woods, this would be it. Rather than being a tiny, run down cabin (what you would normally find in fairy tales), this is a spacious, two story house that is focused on luxury and relaxation. 

Designed by architect DMITRIY KHANIN, this fully wooden home has an impressive covered terrace that runs around two lengths of the house, a wide central staircase, stylish lighting and ultra-modern styling. But sometimes, images are more powerful than words, so let's stop talking about it, and start looking at it! 

A wooden oasis.

Imagine parting the trees and laying your eyes on this incredible sight. Nothing could be better for a nature lover than to come home to this beautiful homestead, sitting in the middle of a forest. With it's elegant structure, modern windows and ranch-style terrace, this is one stylish and timeless home, obviously inspired by it's beautiful surroundings. 

A grand entrance.

The exterior staircase leading up to the house is wide, well lit and impressive. And it's because of those strategically placed lights that really make this entrance, as well as the rest of the home look warm and inviting at night. 

Getting priorities right.

Looking at the plans for the ground floor you can see the important role the outside world plays in this home. A large majority of the space is taken up by the covered terrace meaning these homeowners really enjoy their time outdoors. 

The fact that this house is made entirely in wood is further proof of their respect for nature. 

Room to relax.

Covered in wood and furnished with beige and white furniture, the living room and recreation areas on the ground floor look like they belong in a health spa, or a nature retreat—and who wouldn't want that at home! This is minimal but not modest—it's luxurious, indulgent while not being over the top. 

The ease and simplicity of modern life.

Once again, it's because of the large, long wooden surfaces, natural fibers and fabrics used in the upholstery on the sofas and the neutral color palette that have really won us over. 

The hanging silver sphere art piece is a gentle reminder that even though we are surrounded by nature in this home, we are still living in the modern world with all of the comforts that are available to us today. That is pure heaven in our books!  

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