Get rid of horrible walls with these 7 new designs

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If you are sick of looking at the same four walls around you, then this collection of seven new and inspiring designs are for you. Whether it's embracing a new pattern, applying a vibrant and colorful decorative wallpaper, or installing some modular shelving, a new look for your wall can really change your whole interior. 

So take a look through these with us and see if you fall in love with a new style, or are inspired to create something entirely new.  

1. The ins and outs.

This eclectic, modern design really embraces all different levels, alcoves and jutting out ledges there are. Shelves are set into the wall, in square and rectangular shapes, above an in-built fireplace. And that's just on one edge—another bookcase is built into the side wall. To top it all off, there is a long, low edge that runs along the bottom edge of the wall. 

This is one wall that won't fail to grab attention. 

2. Going rustic.

If you are lucky enough to live in a brick home, or can peel back the wallpaper, paneling or whatever you currently live with, to expose a wall as beautiful as this, then go for it. Whether it's raw concrete or rough cut stone, this rustic look will look great with wooden furniture and cream sofas.  

3. Merging furniture with structure.

For a minimalist look that will look great no matter the size of your room, or your wall, try merging your shelving with your staircase. Designed by architect firm ANDREA STORTONI ARCHITETTO, this bold design is simple but dramatic. Try it yourself, or get a certified professional to come up with their own unique design.    

4. Corner cabinets.

If you have a pokey corner and are unsure of how to use it, then take inspiration from this design. Whatever angle your corner is built at, there will be a shelving construction to fit within. Think about how you want to use the space and design the shelving unit accordingly—it's a great place for a T.V.

5. Stripes and ladders.

This wooden cubicle cabinet is a great fit in this home because of it's low ceilings. Rather than trying to deny the proportions of the home, it makes it a practical feature. It's a design that is completely customizable and can include as many small (or as few) cubicle as you want. Perfect for a homeowner who collects lots of trinkets. 

6. A complete wall unit.

And in contrast to the previous home, this one uses the cubicle formation, but to show off its high ceilings. Again—it's a great design to house books, vases, collectibles, and can even hold a television cupboard in the middle. 

If you are looking to try something new, check out these 10 modular shelving ideas

7. Three dimensional storage.

Perhaps it's not necessary a wall you are looking to change, but to build a new one from scratch? A three dimensional wall like this one is just the thing if you are wanting to create an entranceway, or just to divide your room up. Drawers can be built into the bottom for extra storage, and try having it on roller wheels to keep your options open—it's hard to get sick of a movable wall! 

What do you think of the cubicle cabinets that cover a whole wall? Tell us your opinion below. 

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