25 types of fences and walls to make your house more stylish

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Walls & fences are elements that not only provide security to the home spaces but also play a key role in imparting an elegant definition to the facade. This necessitates a lot of care to be taken while making material, style & design choices for the same, so that the dwelling bears an identity replete with accents of practical grace. Home professionals like landscape architects, landscape designers and those specializing in fencing & gates are roped in for expert guidance on optimal consideration of the requisites.

Today homify brings to you 25 wonderful wall & fencing ideas that will not only amaze you but also inspire you with an eclectic variety of stunning compositions wherein you will certainly find some great suggestions befitting your home perfectly. Check them out & take your pick!

Slatted nobility for current vibes.

A beautiful contemporary idea to exemplify the intimate relationship of the home with nature, this is a simple and low cost fence. Facilitating customization for different heights by varying the number & width of the slats, this convenient wooden fencing option mandates waterproofing & regular treatment against termites for maintenance.

Wood in white shouts WELCOME.

In this modern garden with the pool, the wooden fence decked in white paint embellished by golden glow of lighting rings in a feel of tranquility. The combination of raw humility of unfinished wood, white refinement, mellowness of polished wood, green relief & the air of generosity around the outdoor kitchen-dining brings a balanced blend of modishness, harmony and elegance.

The classic touch.

This simple section of the fence made of logs exudes a spectacular charm. The perfect option to lend a country feel to the home, this fence bears an endearing simplicity & lightness.  The no-frills platform for relaxation offers a wonderful space to unwind with a hot beverage.

Tastefully textured.

This backyard stairway is bathed in the sophistication of the textural wall finish that imparts a big dollop of refinement to the home. Together with the small pool, mini patio, ornamental greens & attractive lighting, the trendy wall guards the rear side of the dwelling with a dapper singularity.

Elegance for absolute repose.

A cozy, urbane & refreshing vibe is what this fence imparts to this narrow rear garden. Wooden slats painted in white coupled with a neutral palette, green essence & soft ambiance make this urban garden snug, simple yet stylish, light & strikingly natural.

Sassy sturdiness.

This gabion fencing adds a charmingly modest dimension of style to this aspect of the abode. The raw strength of stones adds a protective element and reinforces the natural touch in the home. Fences like this make great stylish additions to dwellings with modern or rustic suggestions.

Simplistic details.

This classic poolside garden bears a simple & sturdy fence—the light & modern fence keeps small children from falling into the pool, and pets away from the pool area.

Versatile guard.

This wooden fencing doubles up as the creeper support for cultivating the beauty of this vertical garden. Alluring functionality of natural character indeed!

Gabion grace for Asian style.

This garden based on Zen Buddhism is perfect for relaxing and meditating, and is enveloped by the sturdy & durable fencing using gabions. The stones form the ideal accompaniments to the Buddha figures, bonsai plants, low grasses and creative lines & shapes used to impart the intended creative exclusivity to this Asian garden.

Rustic shield, contemporary flair.

The raw homespun appeal of this stone wall spills onto the cozy and inventively done modern rear garden with the wooden deck, creating an inviting modular stance.

Woody warmth meets chic concrete.

The concrete floor & side walls beautifully complement the wooden elements of slat fencing & the bench; the different sized planters & pots hanging from the slats adorn this eclectic space.

Gateway to artistic warmth.

In addition to walls & fences, entry gates are also fantastic options for creative artwork adornments. In this image, this beautifully intricate design with twigs has been worked in wood for this gate forming a part of the fence.

Double whammy for woody mystique.

This vertically slatted wooden fence bears a double layer composition- the two layers enclose a narrow space, accessible only to the residents, between the interior & exterior layers, enhancing the visual appeal as well as the curiosity of the passersby who notice but just the thick fencing. The design is such that the interior layer bears lighter & thinner slats as compared to the exterior one. The narrow space could be used to have a mini lawn area. On a whole, it makes for a visually sound & sturdy natural fence to secure the dwelling.

Bamboo allure, Asian style.

Tough, lightweight and perfect for securing as well as beautifying spaces, bamboo is a great option for fencing particularly in Asian gardens like this one here. Alternately you could employ bamboo in your contemporary outdoor spaces to bring in that exotic touch.

Poised resilience.

The black iron bars set in concrete for the fence and the gates made entirely of iron painted in black make for an simple yet dignified fortitude for the home.

Ingenuity in PVC.

PVC is a sturdy & lightweight material that can be creatively worked into a number of beautiful designs for wall/ fencing. In this image, the classic garden boasts of the lovely white fence that has been erected to guard the space; it serves as support for the creepers as well.

Aesthetics of small and delicate.

If the aesthetic component is more relevant, small wooden fences like this one are good options. With them the facade appears more welcoming & the home, better connected to the outside. Give the fence a coat of white paint and you have a greatly enhanced vibe of delicate serenity.

Durability of humble grace.

Horizontal wooden slats & solid concrete- this fence combines the warm elegance of wood with the enduring character of concrete to give a contemporary suggestion of sophistication to this modern garden.

Novelty as protective buffer.

In this eye-catching design created using PVC, the geometric “downhill” style offers a light, original and elegant visual quality to the charming white fence.

Red bricks with white—soothing simplicity.

The white & red fence oozes a refreshing simplicity & homeliness that jazz up the classic essence of this garden.

Creative curvature.

Look at the designer novelty of this curved white wall!

Eclectic variety.

For those who wish to make use of more than one element for the fence, this option employing bamboo, shrubs and steel plates is simply splendid- both in looks & functionality.

Dazzle all the way!

In this elegant boundary comprising the red brick wall and varnished wood fencing, the warmth from wood complements the rustic accents of the bricks & the greens adorning the elongated white planter beautifully.

Vibrant outline.

When the idea is to save money without compromising on creativity, concrete walls decked up with a pop of color is a great tip. It is easy on the eyes, and on the pocket too!

Modular spunk.

Last but not the least, this beautiful fence with concrete and steel plates adds an element of engaging grit replete with captivating modernity to the garden.  The difference in structural tonalities rings in magnificent pizzazz.

Which one was your favorite?

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