6 small but stylish entrances

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The key to making your home 'wow-worthy' is within the first few steps you take to get inside: the entrance way. As the doorway, or gateway to a house, this area is one of the most important areas when it comes to creating a favorable impression. You want it to represent your personal style, while being warm and inviting and most importantly: tidy and clean. 

It may seem like a lot to achieve, in what is usually a small space, but it is actually quite simple. And to prove it, we have found six entrance ways that are small, but stylish and stunning despite their limited floor area. Let's see what their secrets are to looking good . 

1. Hang it up in style.

MN Residence, deDraft Ltd deDraft Ltd Scandinavian style corridor, hallway& stairs
deDraft Ltd

MN Residence

deDraft Ltd

If your hallway or entrance way is lacking floor space, then make use of the wall space. This coat rack design by architects DEDRAFT LTD is perfect to have in a busy household while not crowding a narrow room. 

Different doorknobs are screwed into the wall for jackets and coats to hang on, and the small shelf up the top is a great home to store hats or winter gloves.  

2. Bold design on a small scale.

This hallway is sophisticated, elegant and refined with it's painted grey walls, warm caramel polished wooden floorboards and monochromatic color scheme. 

Furnishings are kept simple and streamlined, with the attention on interesting patterns and unique details, like the industrial inspired light fitting. You can still go bold in a small space. 

3. Colorless but charming.

The style that is probably most suited to smaller hallways is minimalism. Or by using only one color, like this intimate space designed by Spanish company VERSAT does, you can say a lot by using very little. 

White and grey furniture and a golden standing lamp turn this hallway from an unused space into a charming sitting area that invites you to linger a while. 

4. Same shape, different color.

Contemporary and classy, this entrance way is memorable right from the first second you see it. The boxy shelving unit directly in front of the door not only creates a great visual and provides storage, but also acts as a dividing wall to the rest of the room. 

Orange rectangular box-cupboards sit in the back corner, bringing in some cohesion and completing this striking look. 

5. Designer details.

A good trick to bring in a bit of personality and warmth to a bland entrance way is with colorful details. This fun and fresh look by CLEAN DESIGN uses bright blue storage boxes and brightly colored matching artwork to liven the space up. 

You could also try adding colored handles to cupboards and doors, or having a bold light shade or chandelier hanging in the middle of the room. 

6. Be inspired by industrial style.

To really go bold, try going industrial. Concrete is having a major comeback as a building material, and when paired with frosted glass, pale wood and dim lighting, will make any entrance way exciting

We hope you will now agree you don't need a lot to entice your visitors into your home—just make your entrance way interesting!

If you are looking for more decorating inspiration, see here for more ideas, this time on how to make a hallway memorable

Colorful or minimal? What's your choice for an entrance way?

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