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Bilgece Tasarım Modern Kitchen
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Kitchen, the most important part of a dwelling, is a multi-functional space. It must be so designed to offer the perfect space for cooking—be spaciously laid out, suitably lit & well ventilated, amply equipped with modular appliances and above all, replete with practical solutions that make food preparation enjoyable rather than just another daily chore. This is why a dedicated group of professionals – kitchen planners- are specifically employed to design this space with proper precision & care for optimal utilitarian charm.

Today homify offers you 13 handy solutions that will make your kitchen a practically sound hearty space you love working in.

Concealed convenience.

Drawers are the most convenient way of kitchen storage- you are spared having to bend too much or stretch a lot to reach the stuff kept at the back. If horizontal lines greeting you in the front of your kitchen cabinets is something you would not like, the solution with hidden drawers in this image of the country kitchen is perfect for you.

An elegant crack of utility.

Appealing kitchen appliances are a bonus for the visual aspect of a kitchen. Elements like this elegant nutcracker combine function and aesthetics to enhance the face value of the kitchen.

Countertop functionality.

A really handy solution for small kitchens, creating slots in kitchen counter could very conveniently supplement storage particularly when dishes/ cutlery are wet from washing. Dry ones can then be put away in the cupboard, and those with a regular usage can be kept stored in the counter top slots.

Taking a contemporary stand.

In this jazzy modern kitchen, the dark red details & the TV present a dapper stance in the white brick background. Instead of the standard kitchen table, this longish bar/ counter has been provided along the wall- sit back, relax & relish the choicest delicacies while your favorite soccer team is putting up a great show.

A flexible front.

Some storage cabinets, like the one shown here, have covers that allow full or partial view of the contents. If you wish to display your newly acquired porcelain set, you may keep the cover folded in half as in the image; and if not, you could just expand it to its full length & push the cabinet shut. 

Walled for usefulness.

This wooden wall rack is a great addition to your kitchen wall, if your kitchen accents shine in rustic tones.  Full of humility & nostalgic charm, this lovely rack has plenty of storage space for jars, cups & glasses, as well as a wooden rod with hooks for hanging ladles, serving spoons, etc.

Cute n sassy.

This funky idea from a Scandinavian kitchen compensates fashionably for space crunch to store spices, condiments, etc. The wonderfully stylish holder with containers suspended like branches of a tree is an ideal kitchen companion in your small sized kitchen.  

Pssst… .this is a great solution for storage of colorful frosting on cakes and pastries!

Pop from the wall.

In this open plan living room low on dimensions, 2 smart solutions enhance the designer allure. A narrow dining table has been created with a wooden slab & an ornate stick base, and above it 2 pop up racks are suspended from the wall. The table with the chairs forms the dining space communicating with the kitchen & lounge on either side. The racks serve for kitchen storage as well as a place to temporarily put dishes etc. when space is limited on the table during mealtimes. Simply clever!

Versatile elongation.

Understanding the inconvenience of accommodating a breakfast table in a longish rectangular kitchen, this narrow elongated kitchen island has been created. Passing through almost the entire length of the quaint looking well lit kitchen, this kitchen island doubles up as the breakfast table towards the far end. 

Seat for wholesomeness.

Who said that the kitchen mandates all the activities be done standing at the kitchen counter? Give your legs that much deserved rest with something like this smartly thought out comfortable seat replete with snug cushions. Truly clever no? 

Take a minute to have a glance at this modern kitchen with the graceful touch of woody warmth.

Different depths of usefulness.

Yet another solution from a Scandinavian kitchen, these drawers with varying depths enable storage of cutlery, crockery and other dishes in different levels of the same chest of drawers. This allows for keeping everything together comfortably.

A welcome dash of color.

Adding a vibrant touch of colors works wonders for your kitchen in a number of ways.  Colors like orange & yellow rev up the appetite with a cheerful essence of generosity. Look at the bright hues of this modern kitchen. Employing colors in unusual places like inside the shelves, on the exterior of cabinets or some of the wall tiles lends the kitchen a very peppy essence. You could use different colors for different racks as shown here. Using colored plates, bowls & mugs is not a bad idea either.

Make way for kitchen magnetism!

These days wooden utensils are passé. Magnetic cutlery, the latest trend, is a really convenient alternative. It can easily be hung on the wall as the knives shown in the image, and are always handy. You do not have to fish them out of an overcrowded drawer or from the back of a cutlery cabinet. And they look good too!

What are the kitchen solutions that make your kitchen unique? Share with us in comments!

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