False ceilings: 10 amazing designs

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A false ceiling, also called a dropped/ suspended/ T- bar/ grid ceiling, has of late become synonymous with modernity & sophistication. People as well as interior architects are increasingly turning towards it, appreciating its importance in adding finesse to and completing the contemporary look & trendy feel of the space.

Convenient to install with the appropriate tools, a false ceiling aesthetically hides the duct work, pipes, electrical wires, lighting, heaters & door frames to impart a clutter-free tidy look to the ceiling. Also, it is easy to reassemble the panels of a false ceiling in case of any repair job. To avoid a constricted appearance, false ceiling may not necessarily be installed wall to wall; instead, visually sound design patterns may be utilized. When done wall to wall, employing the right kind of tiles could improve the acoustics of the room—it is so designed as to add to noise reducing property, thus making the space quieter.  

False ceilings can also provide a good deal of insulating effect, owing to the air trapped between the actual ceiling & the false one, thereby reducing some of the AC load. A false ceiling could be really energy efficient as it aids in reducing heat during summers and keeping the room warm during winters, thus lowering the electricity bills significantly.

The ease of removing it makes it far more economical to go for a false ceiling rather than have the entire ceiling revamped in case of damages. The variety of uses and shapes for false ceilings is endless. They can be installed in any room in the house. A false ceiling may consist of an insert or cover the entire roof surface.

The role of false ceilings goes far beyond the aesthetics & technical functionality discussed. With a false plaster ceiling, you can rationally delineate different areas of a large integrated/ open plan room without having to resort to walls—be it visually lengthening a hallway, adding a vibrant pop to the living room or highlighting the decoration of an old ceiling.

Hop onto the homify wagon as we take you through 10 inspiring ideas for a gracefully functional false ceiling, which will make you want to copy them!

1. Plastered to adorn & outline.

Not just functional, the plastered false ceiling could also double up as a decor element. This bright living room has been given a lively pop with the decorative ceiling as shown, with a view to demolish the wall demarcating the entrance from the main hall. The decoration characterizing the two originally separate ceilings has been highlighted using 2 different frames to reinforce their individual appeal in a unified living space.

2. Escalating gypsum grace.

In this minimalist living room, this gypsum lacquered false ceiling adorns the roof along the height of the stylishly lit oak wood & glass stairway.

3. Illuminated by combined elegance.

In this marvel of interior architectural design, the false ceiling has been combined with a mini library made completely of plasterboard.  To light up the room, this false square ceiling has been designed with lovely lighting somewhat concealed along its perimeter. Below it is the mini library equipped with LED lights. The innovative combo concept has added a welcome visual lightness that scores high on the charm aspect as well.

4. Added utility, anyone?

If you are looking for the optimal spot to accommodate the heating or air conditioning, false ceiling is your best solution. This is the option selected for this bedroom during remodeling, wherein the room has been equipped with a ceiling that incorporates fluorescent lighting with a bonus functionality of air conditioning located above the access door of the room. Practical indeed!

5. Loaded with radiant appeal.

False ceilings facilitate graceful visual effects & an illusion of spaciousness - just look at this charming narrow corridor! With a low height, this ceiling visually lengthens the corridor; circular LED lamps offer the modish suggestion of a luminous path.

6. Contemporary 2-in-1 style.

False ceilings are a fantastic idea to demarcate spaces without actually dividing them. This inventive false ceiling covers two areas in parts- on the one hand we have the lounging area with the couch, and on the other, the dining space. The partition is made by open space sans wall or divisions- note the absence of false ceiling in this middle area. This idea is perfect if you wish to have two environments in the same open layout, without a wall obstructing movement.

7. How about a visual cloak?

This modern dining room with the spotless white dining set bears the matching white false ceiling that presents a brilliant contrast with the gray wall & the dark brown door. The false ceiling conceals the lighting elements beautifully, and also hides a part of the door-frame which disappears into this ceiling.

8. A designer insertion.

In the dining room inside, a false ceiling has been inserted above the round table. Two pendant lamps hang from the false ceiling, bathing the tranquil white dining set with illumination. Creating an elegant atmosphere for dining in a cozy ambiance, this false ceiling is a great example of usage of false ceilings for beautifying functional spaces.

Digressing a bit, take a look at the colorful artwork that dresses this elegant lacquered sliding wooden door. Gorgeous, no?

9. Tasteful creativity.

In this image, the space depicts the false ceiling in two parts-  above the dining space, it bears LED lighting in horizontal bars while above the sofas there exist original wooden beams holding small lamps giving out a golden glow. The latter matches the mellow wooden accents of the floor & the shelf beside the credenza—this brings out the aesthetics underlying lighting in the room. Note that the false ceiling is fragmented, with no false ceiling cover on the narrow way leading to the kitchen & serving to separate lounging space from the dining area.

10. Well lit for official minimalism.

Last but not the least, false ceilings are not restricted for use in residences; they can also be utilized for commercial spaces like this minimalist office here. The lights flanking the false ceiling guide the visitor through the spaces while the synthetic material of the ceiling absorbs sound to quieten the place. False ceiling also allows for employing recessed lights in an appealing manner, serving to visually elongate the hallway.

How do false ceilings authenticate the functional poise of your spaces?

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