14 sliding doors that optimise space in a small home

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Spaces inside the home and in offices are generally separated by doors or walls but when barriers have to be created in such a manner that they appear almost superficial and do not curb floor space then sliding doors are the best option. Depending on the budget and extent of privacy required between the rooms sliding doors can be of varied materials like wood, glass, metal or molded plastic.  

While sliding doors can be made of a wide variety of materials the frames are usually made of wood and metal to make them strong. Sliding doors are selected as much for their ability to save space as for their versatility and endless options of designs and aesthetics.   

In this idea-book we shall share designs of 14 innovative sliding doors designs developed by our professional architects and door-designers that you can apply in your home!

1. With a wide and dark frame

The black framed translucent sliding door is in perfect harmony with the neutral walls and light grey stone cladding that add class to the room's  surroundings.

2. Spectacular vista of woods beyond from bedroom

This wide transparent sliding door from floor to ceiling that actually separates the bedroom from balcony offers a breathtaking view of the spectacular landscape. 

3. Connecting outdoors with indoors

Wouldn't it be great if view of front or rear garden can be enjoyed from the living room in all its glory? This stylish sliding door opening into the deck elegantly merges the garden with indoors with minimal effort.

4. Gold embossed design on translucent glass

Eclectic combination of materials like rimless frosted glass sheets embossed with artistic patterns in gold sliding against smooth glass floor and framed in wood enhance the aesthetics of this house's interiors. All the rooms have their privacy though they all open into the corridor with the frosted glass doors with similar patterns actually acts as single connecting factor in the region.

5. Stopping short of complete transperancy

Like traditional sliding glass doors between living and dining area but are worried about harsh mid-day sun that can spoil the furniture? Our experts suggest usage of these transparent blinds to keep out strong sunlight without spoiling the feeling of space and vastness in the living room.

6. Mix of designs

Why not use some ingenuity if glass doors have to be fixed in spaces that are in close proximity to each other? Here are two glass doors separated by a wall of which one has a simple wooden frame while the other has a iron frame for better security.

7. Designed like a chocolate bar

The advantage with sliding glass doors is the innumerable design options one has access to lend class and elegance to the room's decor. These translucent sliding glass doors before you with square glass pieces sent into an elegant cream wooden frame appear like gigantic chocolate bars!!

8. Magical combination of stained glass and wood

The elegant combination of wood and stained glass can be applied in any environment for stunning effect. The door set as a barrier between a classic style living room and kitchen and though the stained glass pane is framed in wood it looks just as beautiful.

9. Stylish ways to set the glass doors

A bohemian setting as this is perfect for these stenciled frosted glass doors with central engraving and fitted on steel bar stickers on the ceiling. The entire setting makes the glass doors appear as if they are floating above ground.

10. Two purposes fulfilled by single door

Glass barrier separating the rooms is omnipresent without being intrusive and gives an unrestricted vision of the entire region from both sides.  The tasteful separation created with the help of sleek glass doors encased in minimalistic black metal frames creates a sense of space and freedom that is enhanced by the high ceiling supported with wooden bars.

11. Integration of mini garden in bedroom

Here you have an indoor garden within the bedrooms that is approachable by through sliding doors on both sides. Depending on your choice for fresh air and greenery these doors can be opened whichever way desired to suit your fancy.

12. Intergrate or seperate with sliding doors

Edgy black framed sliding glass doors that are made of wood on the lower section provide a privacy of vision between the kitchen and dining areas when required.  But when there are large number of guests both regions can be integrated easily by sliding back the door to make the interiors look more airy.

13. Modern kitchen with doors for windows

When the kitchen is small with limited access to fresh air then it is advisable to do away with walls and windows and instead have transparent sliding doors for the kitchen like these especially if kitchen leads to a courtyard or garden. With this idea the region will stay well-ventilated and free of odours as the transparent glass doors can always be kept open during cooking to bring in fresh air.

14. Contemporary chic

Frosted glass sliding glass doors are perfect when you want to merge spaces according to convenience and need for privacy. These doors can easily maintain privacy between bedroom and living space that meet need of both aesthetic pleasure and convenience.

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