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9 home ideas to steal from Malaysian celebrities

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Apart from adoring them on the silver screen, one question that frequently crosses everyone's mind is- How does our favorite celebrity live? or how does his house look like?…

Celebrity houses, similar to a celebrity's lifestyle carries a great deal of attention and coverage. Quite often these houses are epitomes of grandeur, charm, and luxury of the finest order. For a celebrity, his house is his status symbol, a place where all the success parties are thrown, a place which transforms into nothing less than a shrine for all his fans!

To give you a glimpse of this spectacular opulence, we have sorted out few of the most outstanding houses owned by the best known Malaysian celebrities. Now you can not only look or dress like them but perhaps also dream of living in the kind of houses that they live in!

Excited to know what's further? Let's take a look…

1.Open to sky bathtub

Bathrooms are usually associated with being closed and cut-off from their surroundings. But when you are a celebrity, you can afford to go the extra mile and create your own private space in an outdoor setting.

This 'bathroom', protected with a natural bamboo fence is built as an extension to the main house. The presence of the humungous tree and the natural beach sand add a very tropical feel to the setting.

However, the best feature of this space is its artificial illumination. The victorian style candle lamps add a beautiful mystical feel to the entire space, enough to stimulate your tired senses.

2.Extravagant living area

Perhaps the most striking feature of this living area is its varying volume. The double height space adds a beautiful old school palatial charm to the lounge area. The wooden slats on the upper end of the wall and the wide panoramic windows ensure that the person inside the living room is constantly in touch with nature.

The color scheme utilized by the architect is simple, but at the same time exudes warmth, especially with the bright red colored cushion covers. The minimal use of artificial light creates a peaceful ambiance in the space without being too dramatic in their form or illumination quality.

3.Lavish pool

Pools often are one of the most sought after spaces for social gatherings or parties, especially, when it is the house of a celebrity.

This beautiful house features a lavish pool which is unique in its own way. Rather than it being a rectangular isolated element, it is designed in an organic shape to make it appear like a real waterbody. Further, the house is planned in such a way that the pool does not end up being a separate entity but becomes an integral part of the living and dining spaces of the house.

The poolside vegetation, natural stone for the decking and the addition of wooden pergola create a splendid mix of nature and the built space.

4.Contemporary and modern kitchen

Not all spaces have to be dramatic in their appearance to look beautiful. This sleek contemporary kitchen exudes a classy demeanor without being too glary in its appearance.

The dual tone of white and gray dominates the kitchen giving it a silent sophisticated feel, while the designer hanging light fixtures add a touch of dynamism to the setting.

5.Personalised terrace

Although celebrities are often associated with high levels of social activities, every one desires his own personal retreat.

This tranquil outdoor terrace is designed to provide exactly what would be needed after a hard day at work. Overlooking a beautiful water body, this terrace with worn out wood and metal add a nice rustic touch to the setting.

The wooden decking combined with natural vegetation gives a feeling of idling in a garden while the artificial lights are just of the right intensity to add on to the ambiance and also guide the user when it would get completley dark.

6.Palatial bedroom

Drawing inspiration from palatial royal beds, this bedroom features a king sized bed constructed from hand finished wooden members to give the space a raw, rustic touch. The neutral white backdrop of the room allows the rustic wood to be accentuated in the best possible way.

The large full sized windows allow in plenty of natural light and ventilation, while the flowy white curtains ensure adequate brightness as well as privacy at any desired time.

7.The dressing room

This is perhaps that one room which everyone of us would love to be in.  

The copper tinted leather seating installed right in the center of the room looks more like a royal art piece than a piece of furniture. The overhead glittery lights and the organicly shaped carpet further enhances the look and feel of the seating. 

The dark wooden flooring and similarly textured ceiling impart a rich vintage ambiance to the dressing area, while the storage racks are kept simple and are efficient in storing the huge inventory of celebrity garments.


Folio Design | The Cricketers | Car Room Folio Design Modern Garage and Shed
Folio Design

Folio Design | The Cricketers | Car Room

Folio Design

In our opinion, there could not have been a better space to park this shining black Bentley. The garage space is designed to be sleek and neutral in order for the luxury car to do all the talking.

The lighting arrangement in the space looks sharp and exudes a modern elegance. The garage also comes with a small waiting space with peppy looking tables and a dark contrasting carpet.

9.Dining elegance

This dining space is designed to exude a royal tropical ambiance. Although the material palette is kept simple, it is the quality of wood and its interplay with the surrounding elements that steals the show.

The dining table is built from a single 'unfinished' large log of wood, while it is positioned in such a way that all its users would get a beautiful view of nature while enjoying their delicious meal. The double height space with its vintage wooden rafters further enhance the quality of this space.

Lastly, the ceiling suspended bright circular lights ensure the dining area is illuminated adequately, without being too dramatic in their form.

Each of the above space was inspiring in its own way and we loved exploring each one of them. If you would you like to check more of such luxurious projects, we highly recommend you to take a look here.

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