10 modern pergolas that will look good in any garden

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Beautiful outdoor terraces are the ideal place to enjoy those sweet lazy moments with your family and friends. Sunbathe on a warm evening, dine during the weekends, or feast your eyes on an enchanting panoramic view… a well-designed terrace serves as your ultimate relaxation spot. So today, let's soak in some sunlight, space, and fresh air courtesy of these 10 charming terraces! Get inspired to create your own perfect outdoor space.

1. Country house style

For people who have enough space outside to design a terrace, it would be great to utilise it to its best. Such terraces are surrounded by greenery and fresh air all throughout the day. The glazed surface allows natural sunlight to seep in beautifully, elevating the look and feel of the design.

2. Glass roof

How can you simultaneously give a unique look to the terrace, allow in sunlight, and protect the area from rain? The inclusion of a glass roof does the job. A combination of dark wood and glass cover gives an aesthetic appeal to this structure.

3. Contemporary front entrance

A terrace at the entrance of the house frames your entire building, making it look grand and more distinctive. Opt for colours that contrast with the look of the house. This will make the entire design more prominent.

4. Wind-resistant deck

If you live in an area where the effect of wind is strong during some parts of the year, creating a terrace without pre-planning can be disastrous. Think of a design with enough pillars and columns to protect the structure for years to come. Roofs connected to the walls will still give the feeling of an open terrace, but are more sheltered.

5. The everlasting classic terrace

Classic terraces look and feel authentic, provide a feeling of warmth, and add a touch of elegance to your house. White ceilings, an open structure, and unique pieces of furniture make a huge difference.

6. Nature-inspired designs

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Imagine a rustic, wooden-roofed terrace with greenery all around. This is a beautiful design that will make you feel close to nature in a contemporary way.

7. Go floral

If you and your family love natural blooms, this is a perfect design. Build an elongated space and allow flora to grow naturally around the structure. Creepers on the roofs and walls add more beauty.

8. Greco-Roman style

Open space, large columns, and exotic furniture all make up the Greco-Roman style. This is a storybook-inspired design and a great way to add some zing to your house. Credit goes to the architects from Carlos Trigo Garcia

9. Bamboo inspiration

Bamboo is a great way to get fresh air and a cool atmosphere to your terrace. There are many variants of bamboo available for you to choose from. This touch of nature makes your terrace look truly unique and stylish.

10. Dare to design

Irregularly-shaped pergolas are so much fun! Try utilising the space you have and give it a personalised touch to make it look stand out. You'll be the talk of the street! 

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