A pretty prefab home that cost under 19k to build!

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Before we even get started with this article, let's clear a few points up. No, this house wasn't designed or built in the US and no, the build cost doesn't include the plot of land that had to be bought as well, but YES, this home really did cost under 19k to build! Right, now that we have that out of the way, we can begin to look around and enjoy this fantastically good value home! Designed by a talented architect who wanted to offer maximum space and functionality for minimal cost, we think you're going to be staggered by just how many rooms and clever touches there are here, so let's get down to business!

From the side.

From this angle, this looks like a perfectly traditional, normal home, don't you agree? The secret to the low build cost, however, is that it is a prefabricated property. Designed and manufactured off site, the large panels were then transported to the plot of land and assembled, just like a big jigsaw. It will have gone up in a matter of days, with the second fix taking longer to install than the shell! What a charming little garden too!

The plans.

A simple two-bedroom property, this home has the benefit of a downstairs water closet, as well as a main family bathroom upstairs, but what really impresses the most, is the open-plan living space. Recognizing that this is not an enormous home and that interior walls would divide the space and cost more, they were completely negated, on the ground floor, in order to maximize the square feet. Ingenious!

Sociable elements.

It's great to see that not every home comfort has been done without in a bid to save money, as the integrated terraces on both floors add a fabulous little slice of social potential and luxury! The first floor installation has an almost industrial look, which must have helped to keep material costs low, but the ground floor one looks every inch a traditional style. The metal fencing adds serious elegance too!

One more look.

Knowing everything about this home now, we thought you might like to take another look at this first picture and really drink it all in. A low-cost build, with luxury touches and a clever interior layout, we think this could become a blueprint for many more starter homes, don't you?

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Would you be happy with a starter home like this one?

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