15 inspiring kitchen designs!

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Ay carumba! When it comes to adding some serious style to your kitchen, it can be a nightmare knowing where to begin or what aesthetic to go for and while kitchen planners are a great resource of inspiration, the final decision always lies with you! Well, we're here to help you whittle down your options and open your mind to some ideas that you might not have considered yet and to that end, we've found 15 amazing kitchens that we think will have you looking at your space in a whole new way. Are you ready to see what we found? Then let's get started!

1. U-shaped triumph.

A fantastic way to use the space you have AND add an extra dining area in the form of a breakfast bar, we thin U-shaped kitchens are brilliant. The extra work surface on the bar is a handy touch and the bar, as a whole, really adds an enclosed and cozy feel to the room! Ps. Black worktops? Yes please!

2. Wall mounted wonder.

When space is tight in your kitchen, you have to get a little more creative with how you garner extra functionality and we haven't seen many ideas better than this one! By wrapping a section of worktop around a corner, a breakfast bar has been created, but doesn't swallow up any actual kitchen space! Ingenious!

3. Simple and intelligent.

If you've been trying to think of a way to install all the latest and greatest gadgets in your kitchen, stop! Consider what you genuinely need and go from there, to create an intelligent and customs pace that works perfectly for you. Fashions come and go, but you know what you really want and need. Just look at this kitchen as an example! Simply finished, it does everything the owner needs and a splash of color makes it their own!

4. Bold with color.

Hurrah for the brave souls who inject a blast of serious color into their kitchens, as they inspire us all to do the same! The red and black contrast here looks amazing and so striking that it won't ever date or look naff. In fact, with black walls as well, we see this becoming a classic!

5. Beautifully built-in.

You might think that fully built-in kitchens are a bit too traditional for you, but does this space look old fashioned? Of course not! It's light, bright and modern and we love the trend for 'look at me' extractor fans that we keep seeing it right now! So space age!

6. L-shaped and lovely.

If the U-shaped kitchen earlier felt a little too enclosed for you, then we know you're going to love this L-shaped one! Perfectly poised to offer more than enough counter space and storage, there is a minimal chic to this installation, which we love! Black cabinets really set everything off too!

7. The color of the year.

When you need to change the color of your kitchen, please consider THE color of 2017, which is gray! We don't think you'll be able to deny that this is a gorgeous installation that looks a little more funky than white, not as bold as black, but just as timeless as both.

8. Dark and divine.

We should have called this article 50 shades of gray, as here comes another one! Much darker in tone than the previous example, we have to say that both have captured our hearts, because of the contemporary styling. Would you have ever considered gray before now?

9. Technology heaven.

If you're a tech-head and you know it, then don't be afraid to invest in some brilliant modern appliances that will satisfy your need to be at the cutting edge of things! This induction island is an absolutely amazing innovation and with a splash of red, ties in with the wider space perfectly.

10. Multifunctional masterpiece.

Small it may be, but this kitchen does a lot more than heat up some dinner now and then! The multi-functional island allows for casual dining, as well as spacious food prep and by keeping all of the installation white, there was plenty of scope for some vivid walls!

11. Stacked with storage.

What did we tell you about these extractors? Don't they look amazing? As far as kitchen islands go, this one really is leading the charge, as it is chock-full of storage. You really wouldn't need many other cabinets in your room, as everything looks as though it would fit in here! Great for an unfussy design!

12. Function over fashion.

Is this kitchen simple and low-cost? Yes, but that's no bad thing! By choosing pared back cabinets, you can invest more in your appliances, which is what really matters and will save you money in the long-term. The effortless chic of this kitchen is incredible though, so it certainly doesn't appear 'budget'.

13. Super secretive.

We have a real love affair with kitchens that have been finished with super sleek cabinets that hide away a myriad of genius touches and this is one such space! The smooth doors tell you nothing, yet there is an integrated dishwasher! We wonder what else is hiding here…

More secrets.

Ah ha! We knew this kitchen had more to reveal! Double depth drawers, which actually house two standard, separate drawers are THE thing right now. Add some lighting too and you've got something really special!

14. Filled with light.

The way the windows have seated themselves as the focal point of this kitchen is amazing and they draw so much light inside that a dark and devilishly stylish set of cabinets could be chosen. With a bright white worktop in place to reflect all the sunlight, this is a very well thought out space that seems to have cupboards for days!

15. Va va voom accents!

When a bit of color is vital, we can't recommend taking inspiration from this bold kitchen enough! A simple glass splashback will open up a whole new world of color in your space and thanks to being removable and cost-effective, you could invest in a few different varieties! 

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