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Living room is our refuge when we want to relax indoors in a place other than the bedroom. Be it lounging with our loved ones, enjoying a read or simply relishing our favorite cuppa, the living room is our hangout.  Any time spent with the near & dear is a special occasion & every such occasion demands a cozy space that sings in comfy notes of modishness. 

In this article, homify takes you on a memorable journey through 17 absolutely wonderful living room designs, that uphold the thoughtful refinement of the vision of interior decorators and the winsome welcoming essence so quintessential to the most frequented room of a dwelling. Take a peek into these stunning living rooms that will fill you with inspiration to upgrade yours rightaway. So buckle up, here we go!

1. Creativity to convey class.

If the fun and creative side of your persona is reflected in your home spaces, this style is undoubtedly you. No-frills yet innovative, this one employs only different colors, abstract art & a design that defies mundane linearity. This classic living room is full of life.

2. Contemporary charisma of sophistication.

Replete with a hint of mystique & modernity, the dignified aura of gray, black & purple imparts a singular finesse and wondrous prestige to this living room.

3. Vibrant dazzle of elegance.

Employing classic elements in a space with a basal modern context, the luxurious & bright room with stylish colorful details looks quite impressive. The niches with plants on the wall add a natural touch while wood rings in snug warmth.

4. The refreshing air of familiarity.

The sober mellowness & comfort, emanating from the neutral tones of this minimalist living room, make it a really inviting lounging space ideal for those moments of merriment with family & friends.

5. Plush details of refinement.

This modern living room boasts of the evergreen sophistication so inherent to the combination of Black & White, the 2 magical components of a palette. Signifying unparalleled grace & absolute pizzazz, the smashing combo makes simple details & uncomplicated style stand out. And on a budget too!

6. A hint of the sea and all that jazz.

Just look at this awesome living room! The gray, white & black details have been supplemented with a pop of the sea palette. The elements- carpet, couch, coffee table, cushions & the decor- complement each other, and the blue suggestions enliven the humble background. Did you notice the patterned mirror on the blue wall?

7. A fantasy realized.

The pastel essence of this room looks straight out of a fairy tale, with classic shapes and a natural tenderness that lends the room ample snug ambiance. The traditional fireplace, well lit accents, curtains, delicate palette and woody warmth give it a romantic & cozy feel.

8. In the comforting lap of wilderness.

If the space housing your living room is reduced but the surroundings are arresting, there is nothing better than having one of the walls made of clear glass to allow for picturesque natural exteriors. It will unquestionably be the best decor for your home & oodles of visual comfort to soothe your senses as well.

9. High on the zing of allure.

The lively color combination for elements adorning this room fills it with a fashionable vibe & energy. Armed with an attractive color scheme, modular furniture, eye-catching furnishings & decor, and a pleasing concept overall, this well lit modern living room is a bonus for your home.

10. Earthy tones of warmth.

The bright earthy shades impart generous dollops of warmth and an air of intimacy to the room. With classic details of decor & furnishings that ooze unmatched poise, the elegant room bears an unmistakable natural essence.

11. Eclectic charm of the jungle.

Love the jungle? Then this theme is ideal for your living room.  Some pictures depicting landscapes & wildlife, a couple of indoor plants for a refreshing stance, a number of animal print cushions thrown in & a carpet printed in the style of a safari; add to it, some lighting effects and voila!

12. Conveying chic style.

To lend somewhat bohemian aesthetics to your living room,  you can add some colors that inspire tranquility, encouraging messages &  portraits/ pictures for  wall decor, and  a restrained palette with complementary colors. As in this image, the gray & blue gel nicely with the wooden tones and white walls; the positive wall message, the funky ones above & below the TV, and the striking sketches look eye catching & strangely stylish. The different colors complement each other and along with the unique decor, make a contemporary pattern.

13. Current vibes of homey appeal.

This stunning & spacious modern living room bears hints of country style in its stone details, the wooden beam ceiling and the dark earthy tones, to blend urbane elegance & unembelished country style. A true visual delight!

14. Game for harmonious modishness?

The soft yet tropical essence of this modern living room manages to strike the perfect visual balance between the humble accents of wood, the cheerful furnishings & upholstery, and the predominant serenity of white. With a suggestion of simplicity, this capacious & bright living room extends a really refreshing harmony.

15. Open to homespun freshness.

The refreshing rustic details of this open plan living room hero the noble character of wood to imbibe an inviting homely comfort. Every element adds a charming conviviality that creates an immensely snug ambiance bathed in the natural goodness of wood worked beautifully. Don’t miss the coffee table with wheels!

16. The colors of lavish coziness.

The bright and endearing colors of this sofa set bring a contemporary dash of snug poise in this modern living room equipped with the winning combo of wood & white. The avant- garde fireplace fills the air with tasteful accents of futurism.

17. Bathed in magnificence.

An epitome of impeccable style & class, the design of this living room redefines opulence. Beautifully balanced with a tasteful blend of several trends, this one has been designed sparing no expense. Amply luxurious with current elements for lighting, furnishing & decor, this living room is definitely one of its kind.

Which of these wonderful living rooms stole your heart?

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