7 tips to create a pet-friendly home

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Owning a pet is both a wonderful experience as well as a great responsibility. Having a pet means vet visits, going on walks, feeding it great and healthy foods, and just generally loving it like a member of the family. No matter where you live, whether it's a large house or a small apartment, there are a few simple ideas that you can implement to make sure that your pet is living the best life in your home. We've compiled a list of seven simple and practical ideas to create a pet-friendly home that everyone will be happy with. Let's take a look at the simple suggestions that would make your home the best place to raise a healthy and happy pet.

1. Enough space to roam around.

Pets need space to play and roam around in. The amount of space they need is dependent on how big they are. You wouldn't put a Saint Bernard in a tiny New York apartment because it just wouldn't be fair for you or the dog. The idea is that the home comes before the pet so that you can insure that it has plenty of space to roam around the house or a backyard to play in. Cats are great for virtually any sized space as they are quite small and don't need to be taken outside, but dogs on the other hand need a bit more room to play around in and definitely need a place to be walked around. 

2. Create a little nook for them.

Just like you have a bed where you can go and rest at night, it is important to have a little space for your dog or cat to relax in. This gives them a space to call their own and will help them to unwind and feel relaxed during the day. By giving them a structured place to sleep they will learn not to come jump in bed with you, which can pose a number of problems for you and the pet, and they will feel more comfortable in their own little zone. This idea is a bit harder to put in place for cats, since they like to roam around a lot during all hours of the day, but by conditioning them not to crawl into bed with you they will sleep in other places. This idea is most important for dogs as they need structure to calm down; having a small dog bed for them in a place that is calm and without any drafts will be the best environment.

3. Pet furniture is key for a happy home.

One of the biggest concerns of having a pet is how they will react towards your furniture, especially when you are out at work all day. It can be a big problem to come home and find the pillows torn up and scratches all over wooden furniture, but by purchasing pet accessories and furniture they will learn to move away from your stuff and exert their energy on their things. Cats need scratching posts and small little toys to keep themselves occupied throughout the day. Dogs, on the other hand, are more interactive and need toys that can be played with on their own or with their owners. It may seem like you are indulging your pets, but you will be thankful when they are too distracted with their toys to rip up the upholstery or carpet.

4. Designate an eating area.

It is just as important to designate an eating area for your pets as it is to designate a sleeping area. Having a calm and quiet place where they can eat their meals and drink their water is very important to make sure they are having full and healthy meals. There should always be a healthy source of water so that they can indulge throughout the day and a food bowl close by. If your pet needs to lose a bit of weight, purchasing a food bowl that releases a certain amount of food at a time is a good investment so that your pet doesn't indulge in a lot of food at one time. 

5. Strong and durable fences.

If you live in a townhouse or single family home, investing in a good fence will give you peace of mind when it comes to your pets. The fences will prevent them from running away if they accidentally get outside without a leash. Making sure the fence is strong and durable is particularly important, especially if you own big dogs so that they can't fight their way out when they see another animal pass by. If you install a fence, you can also install a doggy door so that your pet can easily go in and out of the house without the need of supervision, and this can prevent accidents in the house.

6. Be careful of your decor.

When you are decorating your home, it is crucial to be mindful of what you are putting in easy reach of your pet. There are many small threats to your pet that may be lurking around your home that you haven't even considered. Some house plants could be poisonous to cats and dogs, there may be small objects which they can easily swallow or choke on, or even just fragile things that you don't want broken. Pets can get very bored while you are away at work so it is important to make sure they have an environment that they can feel comfortable in. Keep these dangerous items out of reach or in a separate room where they don't have access to while you are away so that everyone can have peace of mind.

7. Proper flooring for pets.

Cats and dogs are very curious animals and can cause damage without realizing what they are doing. This is especially true for carpet and upholstery which gets caught in their nails and makes them want to pull at it even more. Carpet is also much more difficult to take care of, especially with a pet, because there are lots of allergens and hair that can get caught up in the threads and cause problems for the home environment for both you and your pet. Hard flooring is a great option whether it's wood or tile, but it is very important that you make sure it is scratch resistant so that your pets won't cause any damage. These floors are also much easier to clean and maintain, especially if your pet is prone to accidents.

Do you own a pet? Make sure they are healthy and happy with these ideas!

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