Mad River Chalet: modern Houses by BLDG Workshop Inc.

​The perfect, rustic, holiday log cabin for you!

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A mountainside house—set in an unusual, picturesque landscape – a green forest! How amazing is that? The architects at BLDG Workshop Inc. in Toronto has created a fabulous display of contemporary beauty; placed in this deep-wooded area of Canada. The  stone and glass log cabin speaks of stellar and timeless design values. This classic style will easily last for many generations to come – while people flock to the home for recreation and relaxation. Come and have a look at this robust Canadian log cabin to know more!

​Stone for the chalet facade.

This modernized chalet is the perfect blend for its woody backdrop. The towering design merges stone and wood into one utilitarian yet solid. The stone detailing is scaled up to match the linear glass textures that play on the facade.

​Set in stone.

The stonewalls of the entryway are softened, thanks to the clear glass doors that usher you in. Wood also plays a balancing act here, as it lends style and class.. On one side, the wall curves in a linear nook to bring you to the staircase.

​An open layout.

The joy of open living comes alive in this home, as a rustic bench—lining a picnic table, greets you once you enter the hall. On the other side, large comfortable couches and double-height, black framed windows offer symmetry and aesthetic appeal.

​Warm hues in the kitchen.

Much like the rest of the home, glass walls that highlight the dense greenery around the property , surround the kitchen. The warm wooden tones of the island and the chrome fittings as well as the stone tiled fireplace all come together for a complete look.

​Expansive space for cooking.

The kitchen has an expansive and sweeping look where there is space for everyone and everything. We find even more counter space in the glossy white and wooden niche on one side while the wooden ceiling springs to attention as well.

​Bright touches in the living room.

The living room is replete with bright touches that come in muted shades on the rug, the throw as well as the artwork on one side. The asymmetrical incline of the ceiling at the edge also creates a quirky look.

​Picture windows.

These double height walls make for picture windows of sorts with two chairs aligned in a corner, for hours of green gazing.

​Generous, aesthetic bedroom.

The bedroom has exotic pieces in a set-up that makes it a luxurious space. A beautiful ceiling lamp and a large window offering breathtaking view make this room special. 

​Classic lounge, overlooking a vivid backdrop.

Work and play happen side by side in the lounge area of the leather and glossy textured corner.

​Versatile, pretty bathroom.

The attic-like space holds a practical and large bathroom with classic touches.

​Sliding, bright, barn-styled doors.

Touches like these traditional, barn-themed red doors, truly pop in the neutral, camp-style scheme.

​Vibrant touches to the bathroom.

Subtle hues, like the blue mirror frame, striped towel, or the light aqua band, add much fun to this sleek bathroom.

​The spacious, get-together area.

Here is a homey hangout to round up the home’s style quotient! With comfy couches, this is a room for family get together and friendly chit chat.

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