10 stunning colors that work for small rooms

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Lisbon Blues, Prego Sem Estopa by Ana Cordeiro Prego Sem Estopa by Ana Cordeiro Modern Living Room
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Using the right decorations, furniture and colors in a small room is key to making it look bigger, and making it feel better. Colors, in particular play an essential role in the feeling of a room, and can immediately effect the mood of the person/people in it. Generally speaking, cooler, lighter colors (whites, creams, pale yellow, mint green) expand a room, while brighter and warmer colors (bright orange, dark blue, forest green) close a room in. 

But sometimes a burst of bright color is exactly what you need to liven a room and make it feel more energetic. It all depends on how much time you spend in the room, how much sunlight it gets and how you want to feel while in there (peaceful and relaxed or stimulated and rejuvenated).

Today we are taking a look at 10 different living rooms, each with their own color scheme and own, separate vibe.

1. Powder blue.

Light gray, powder blue, white and charcoal is a match made in heaven when it comes to decorating. This combo is refreshing, contemporary, relaxing and versatile. 

Used around the doors, in the cushion covers and in the rug of this living room, baby blue lightens the feeling and will instantly calm anyone spending time here.

2. Teal and turquoise.

For a bright and youthful look, you could opt for teal and turquoise shades. When paired with white, these colors are happy, optimistic, peaceful and friendly. Be careful not to overuse them—they can easily overwhelm a small space and make you dizzy. 

But when used with light colored wood, yellow tones and cream colors, these bright blues will uplift your mood whenever you are around them.

3. Fire engine red.

A bold shade to use in a small room, fire engine red will make sure it's not ignored. This energetic living room designed by interior decorators CLEAN DESIGN is a perfect mix of loud and quiet. Pale gray sofas and carpet tone down the intensity of the walls while the red in continued through in the cushions and carpet details. 

Use red and you will have a fiery and electrifying room.

4. Shades of gray.

For a more minimal, subdued look, gray is a great option. The key is to use slightly varying shades to keep it light and cheerful, rather than somber and sad. Pale gray also works well with stone feature walls and natural colored tiling.

Decorate with white or wooden furniture and warm lighting for an elegant and opulent room.

5. Marine blue.

This Lisbon apartment has been given a coat of marine blue on the walls and made cozy and elegant because of it. Because of the low ceilings, white is key in keeping the balance of the room and has been used around the windows, in the rug, sofa, lamps and table. 

Lemony yellow cushion covers, cups and gold trim brighten the space and add a refreshing contrast.

6. The neutrals.

If you spend a lot of time in your living room, neutrals are a safe bet to use on the walls and in the furnishings. They won't overwhelm or control a space and can be paired with many different bright colors. 

Used here in different shades, they make the room feel graceful and neat. The fire red accents brighten up the grays, beiges and creams and stop this room from being too muted.

7. Fresh lime.

When used with wooden furniture and a cream base like in this lively living room, lime green is a stunner. Perfect for a feature wall, this tone is memorable and energetic. 

The decorative tiling used on the kitchen island and flooring brings in orange and red to break the intensity and zing of the green.  

8. Cool cream.

The standard technique to enlarge any small room is to keep it all white, or to use only light tones. It's easy to see why it's a popular choice—this all-white living room dazzles. It's serene, sophisticated and stylish.

9. Red wine.

Burgundy, red wine, blood red—whatever you call it, this is a color that will always look good. Best saved just for one wall, it is an intense shade that will make your room look luxurious

Choose light colored furniture to balance out the deep shade and you will have a winning look.

10. Pretty in pastels.

Sea green, apricot, mint, pale blue, rose pink—these are the pastel shades. They are gentle, mellow and appropriate for smaller rooms. They won't choke a room and can be used on all walls if you want. Pastels are also easily adaptable—use more or less white when mixing your tint, depending on the intensity you want. 

Looking for some more ideas for wall coverings to match your new color of choice? Checkout these 17 options.

Would you use a forceful color or faded tone for your small room?

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