14 shower doors that would transform your bathroom

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This might seem like a strange statement, but how much is your shower door really doing for your bathroom? 

Have a think about it and you'll realise the door you choose for your shower enclosure can really make or break a beautiful space and we think you should start considering a stunning glass installation. 

Bathroom designers will definitely support our theory that a clear glass shower door will add some serious style and contemporary chic to any room. But don't just take our word and their expertise for it; take a look at some of our favourite styles that we think you'll love too!

1. The full door

Seamless and frameless, this full glass door cordons off the shower area to perfection, without cutting the room in half. A great way to make sure all eyes are on the beautiful marble!

2. A partial room divide

You don't always need a full-width door to section off different areas of your bathroom, as this partial door shows. More than enough for keeping the sink and vanity unit separate, we think it has a really chic look.

3. A matching pair

When you've hit upon a great idea (such as having a glass shower door),why not extend that to a glass toilet door as well?

4. Curves ahead

Making great use of what could have been a dead corner, the shower here could have been so bland if it was boxed into a square cubicle.

However, this curved glass door adds a new dimension of exciting style.

5. Framed doors

Not everybody needs to embrace a frameless style of shower door so, if you like a little structure with your morning ablutions, this shower door is for you.

The dual wooden handles are a fantastic touch!

6. Up to the ceiling

These glass shower doors make such light work of making the bathroom feel larger and taller. The frameless design really works and maintains the illusion of height!

7. Partially frosted

Not everybody enjoys the sensation of showering in a see-through cubicle, but there's a glass shower door solution for them. 

Choosing a partially frosted door design will give you coverage where you need it, but still keep light bouncing around the room.

8. Diamond shine

Talk about taking corner showers to the next level! This crystal clear glass door looks so natural as part of a diamond-shaped shower enclosure, appearing subtle and stylish.

9. Smokey and sensational

This is the privacy glass version of contemporary shower doors and we love it. The soft grey smokey colour of the glass works so well with the marble wall tiles, adding a private feel to the space.

10. A perfect frame

Oooh, we love this highly polished chrome frame that allows the glass shower door to glint and sparkle like crystal. The skinny door design is super classy!

11. Beautifully blurred

An alternative to smokey or frosted glass, ripple glass makes for a wonderful shower door that will keep the floor in your bathroom dry and your modesty in tact. 

The effect is so subtle you barely notice it!

12. A partial screen

Modern bathrooms are often wet rooms, meaning there's no clear distinction between functional areas, so shower water can and will run all over the floor. 

In these styles of bathrooms, a partial glass screen door is all that's needed (and they look great!).

13. Super slim

This is one small bathroom and because the shower is so narrow, the doors are too! 

A clear glass design means they simply disappear from view when not in use. However, when needed, they open up like a pair of closet doors.

14. Barely there design

This is a shower door for people who know they technically need one, but aren't fussed about having one. Slim, sleek and almost invisible, this style is perfect for a contemporary space that has other interesting touches to look at.

For more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 new practical ways to create your unique bathroom.

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