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暖炉のある家, AMI ENVIRONMENT DESIGN/アミ環境デザイン AMI ENVIRONMENT DESIGN/アミ環境デザイン Asian style houses
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Can you build a home that looks traditional, but will remain cool and classic long into the future? We thought that sounded like a recipe for failure, but then we found today's amazing project! The architect that created this inspiring home had such a good grasp on traditional motifs that have a long shelf life that although as a whole, the property looks fairly traditional, there are modern touches that will continue to maintain a contemporary usability for years to come! Are you ready to see a traditional home that is future-proofed? Then let's get stuck in!

Beauty personified.

Woah! Isn't this a gorgeous home? With a pitched roof, chimney stack and terrace, there are a number of traditional elements, but you can't overlook the clearly contemporary and fresh design that is going on! We some some little hints as to the future-proofed elements, including the solar panels and homogeneous roof and even the Juliet balcony has a modern, almost industrial vibe to it!

Amazing transitions.

Traditional homes always have a really clear division between indoor and outdoor spaces, but this one blurs the lines to perfection! A natural terrace, clad in wood, leads out into the garden with just a simple step down and with all the tones matching so well, there is a cohesion that's hard to match!

Sustainable living.

Firstly, this interior is delightful! Finished in a traditional way, with neutral tones and natural wood everywhere, we see some helpful heating solutions that will make for a sustainable and low-cost future! The open fire is ready to be lit and enjoyed and won't cost anything more than a little elbow grease, as in collecting felled trees!

Mind-blowing windows.

Wow! Just look at these windows! On the one hand they look super traditional, but then you realize they are most likely triple-glazed and super energy efficient, making them totally future-proofed! We think the garden fence bathroom privacy technique is amazing and will allow maximum natural light to flow in, without flashing the neighbors!

Simple decor.

Back to the traditional elements! There was a time when interior design was kept simple and perfunctory, rather than extravagant and over the top and this home is making a stand and returning to the good old days! Neutral wall colors, smooth plaster finishes and accents of pale natural wood really work to create what we think is a very Hygge house! So on trend and beautiful!

A nod to the past.

Stunning! The wooden grid-work screen adds such charm and character to this facade and even though the render texture is fabulously contemporary, they work together so well. We never though one home could encompass so many different and opposing facets, but this one has made it looks so easy!

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Are you excited for the future if this is how architecture will look?

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