Homes: 16 houses you have to see before building your own!

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Before you start even drawing up plans for your home, you absolutely need to check out these dream homes. This is a way that you can take notes and know what you like and what you dislike. 

They are the properties that everyone wishes they could live in, and are the best references for you to use while thinking about your new home. They are 16 of the most comfortable, most fashionable and most impressive houses around today, and they are right here for your viewing pleasure. 

So let's indulge our fantasies and take a look!  

1. An unexpected entrance.

Usually the garage is tacked onto the side of houses, or hidden away at the rear, but this house makes it a design feature, including it in the entrance way. It's thick black frame and simple design fit in with the ultra-modern exterior. 

2. First impressions.

Another simple yet stunning entrance way, this one features a floating black roof and stairs leading to the front door. Paired with dark mahogany, pale sandstone and white concrete, it makes a strong first impression from the street. 

3. Inspired by nature.

This 3D rendering by ARQUITECTO MANUEL DANIEL VILTE is for a home that is unique, edgy and one that really shows off the beauty of rock and stone. The tall entrance way with jagged walls mirrors those of the impressive rocky mountains behind. 

4. Contemporary chic.

With it's flat roof, square proportions and light and dark contrasts, this home is a minimalist's dream. Sleek, chic and contemporary, this facade is eye-catching but will be fashionable for generations to come. 

5. Self contained sanctuary.

Compact and charming, this modest house is for those of us who enjoy simplifying things and living easy. The front wall opens up and doubles as a deck out the front, revealing another wall of sliding glass doors behind. The perfect little holiday home for the beach front or in the forest.   

6. Bigger is better.

Every wall, every angle, every join in this home is designed with confidence. Walls are flat, large and chunky making this house look one hundred percent self-assured. If you love big and bold, then this is the home for you.

7. At home in the dunes.

Looking like it has been carved into the hills, this beach front home is effortless, rustic and quaint. Walls are painted bright white like the surrounding sand dunes and natural stone pillars feature out front. One for the nature lovers. 

8. Peacefulness in the forest.

Designed by architects BERGA&GONZALEZ, this rendering is of a home that wants to camouflaged in the lush vegetation. Clad in pale green with plenty of glass and slanted roofs, it looks peaceful and natural—like a little mountain sanctuary. 

9. Shades of gray.

With it's angular design, integrated lighting, speckled tile design and grayish brown finish, this home is subtly and quietly avant-garde. It's not a house that is a flashy show pony but it's got our attention. 

10. Color your life with lights.

On the opposite side of the color spectrum, this dazzling facade uses multi-colored lights to really glow at nighttime. Cacti are illuminated along the wooden fence, low spherical lights glow on the balcony and fuchsia colored bulbs intensify the exterior walls. We are dazzled! 

See here for 15 more ideas on how to light the exterior of your home (and make it look spectacular). 

11. A tough shell.

With it's mix of concrete slabs, wooden paneling, tall cacti and soft grasses, this home is a poetic mix of hard lines, rough textures and soft surprises.  

12. A fashionable family home.

Seeing what this home went from, and it became, makes the final look quite impressive. Now featuring a large garage, contemporary colors and a fresh garden, it looks dignified, stately and refined.  

13. City living.

This seriously stylish home inspired by the city skyline is perfect for the urban dweller. High walls give the homeowners plenty of privacy and hard wearing surfaces will keep this facade in mint condition for a long time to come. 

14. Understated and cool.

These designers cut right to the chase with this home: there is no messing around with unnecessary bits and pieces, just bricks and glass. It's simple, sturdy, sleek and does what it needs to do, while looking great of course. 

15. Racing into the future.

Contrasted against the old brick buildings in the background, this bright white home almost looks like a futuristic spaceship that has crash landed into the hill. Built from concrete and glass it is clean, fresh and exciting. 

16. Illuminated and imposing.

Huge, flat, windowless walls and tall illuminated columns make this home look grand and imperial. Old trees, round cacti and a healthy lawn add the color, shape and textural contrasts to this imposing structure. 

What's your style? Showy mansion or subtle home?

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