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If you think that fireplaces are all just variations on one theme, then think again! We've found some incredibly stylish and unusual fireplaces that you could install in your home to totally update and change up the aesthetic and feel of your property and what better time of the year to do just that, than winter? If you're keen to embrace a more cozy aesthetic in your home, as well as an interior designer look, we don't think you'd go wrong by choosing any of these innovative designs, so let's get toasty and start looking!

Red hot style!

WOW! The color, the shape and the overall look of this fire is just so amazing! perfect for a minimalist or modern home that enjoys a dose of vivid color, we can see this looking great in any living room!

Clear as crystal.

Blink and you'll miss this staggering fireplace, but we bet you can feel the heat a mile away! So stylish and understated, we can imagine this looking the bomb in a dining room that has a glass table in place!

Steadfast style.

This fire is so striking! Chunky, unapologetically industrial and as eye-catching as any fire we have ever seen, it is the perfect focal point for any room in the cold winter months. Who needs a TV?

A strong sculptural statement.

In a home with unusual artistic touches everywhere, a central fire will always look amazing, but it's the shape and brazen black finish here that makes this one such a bold addition! It adds untold warmth to a cool space too!

Petite and pretty.

These self-contained fires are really doing it for us, as they offer all the warmth you need and up your interior design game in an instant! This pretty gray variety simply blends in with the rest of the decor and though all eyes would be on it, it doesn't scream for attention!

Revel in the rustic flavor.

YES! Just look a this amazing wood burning fire! Placed in the middle of the room, for maximum heat dispersing, the wide mouth look of the design is funky and rustic, all at the same time. It's such a perfect addition to a more traditional build!

Sleek and stylish.

Why are we picturing ourselves swanning around this fire, with a Martini in our hands? It's because it looks so swish and sleek! A dominating force in the room, the simple and minimalist design whispers of class, rather than shouting about it!

Gorgeous in gold.

Inset fireplaces are such big news right now and this gold surround version really proves why! They take up no extra room in the house and can be finished to perfectly accentuate your decor! Divine!

Modernist motifs.

While some people might want their fireplace to be a useful but not eye-catching feature in a room, we are in love with this chunky modernist version that screams 'look at me!'. Simple yet effective, the white frame really shows it off!

All out style.

This fireplace is so phenomenal, as it almost has a terrarium feel to it, as though the fire has been captured in the wild and caged indoors! Eye-catching, functional and fabulous, we think this fire is way to hot to handle and we love it!

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Which of these designs got you hot under the collar?

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