10 wood closets, modern and amazing!

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Ample storage space is a boon for any household, especially in bedrooms, dressing rooms, utility rooms, study rooms, kitchens & bathrooms as well. All that bonus space could conveniently be used to store bed linen, clothes, shoes, toiletries, groceries, stationery & other knick knacks. Be it almirah, closet or drawers/ racks- an extra bit is always more than welcome.

These days, architect houses, interior architects and designers create floor plans with dedicated spaces for considerable storage facility. Depending upon the client’s requirements & current trends, a variety of materials are employed to design closet spaces. Of all the materials used, wood is the most popular owing to its humble versatility to adapt to different styles as well as a unique noble essence. Wood imparts charming accents that lend the closet a singular appearance impossible to replicate with any other material. 

This homify article will walk you through 10 contemporary wooden closet designs, that will inspire you to add them to your home. Come on!

1. Dark finesse of practicality.

A closet of standard proportions, this one is a rare beauty in dark wood. A great component of the bedroom, it bears a good distribution of spaces & a visually sound exterior. Occupying a suitable part of the wall, this dark wood closet has horizontally & vertically oriented spaces with plenty of room for a wide range of things.

2. Imposing modishness.

This grandiose wooden closet is replete with modern style and is a perfect element for a commodious space like this classic dressing room in the image. Thoughtfully designed with truly aesthetic contrasts, this closet bears sufficient space for accommodating clothes, shoes, pillows, vanity cases & many other things. Multiple open & closed racks, drawers & shelves make it really very convenient to store a wide variety of stuff. The winsome combination of wood & white in matte & glossy surfaces enhances the visual aspect of the entire space manifolds.

3. Warm notes of functional elegance.

This industrial dressing room houses the lovely closet, designed with striking uniformity of spaces & sliding wooden doors. Bearing an originality of concept, this one has racks at a slight angle. Apt companion for a dressing room, this closet can also conveniently grace a bedroom or utility room.

4. Simplistic charm.

In the simple & pleasant details of this bedroom, wood is the hero. With the bedstead & floors created out of wood, similar design idea has been followed for the closet space. Having wooden door panels, this closet shines in its uncomplicated character. This closet is ideal for teenagers’ rooms or for anyone who prefers something appealing but not too lavish or detailed.

5. Delightful tonality of minimalism.

The light shades of this large closet exude soft vibes of modest splendor. Armed with brilliant craftsmanship that makes it imposing and discreet simultaneously, this closet boasts of 2 different types of cabinets with a graceful variation of surface tone as well as the shape & dimensions. The striking simplicity of design stands out with its modern originality.

6. Novel aspect for known functionality.

Ingenuity written all over, this closet is definitely one of a kind. Look at its jazzy design! Wood has been so worked as to bring about such a beautiful color & aesthetic patterns. Conveying neutral, poised as well as extremely fashionable accents at the same time, this wonderful closet is a true luxe-utility element for any room. As in this image, this closet works the best with white, supplementing the brightness of the entire space.

7. Stellar soberness.

This one is truly superlative. Bearing a classy appearance, the elegant and narrow-ish closet in the photo spans from floor to ceiling. With a dark chocolate colored face, it is relatively small sized, offers decent storage spaces- open & closed, and quite suited for executives who settle for nothing less than a room that matches their dapper personality.

8. Bright spaces for little champs.

With vibrant & dynamic details, this 3-in-1 closet is a great option for your kids’ room. It has three functions- a traditional closet, a work desk and shelves- all with a graceful delineation. There exists an aesthetic uniformity of the shade. The mellow woody tone goes exceptionally well with the white floor tiles, subtle walls, sober furnishings & the pleasantly colorful rug. A really versatile component, this closet contributes to making the room appear brighter.

9. Dazzle of tradition.

Concealed in its simple looks, alluring color & traditional character are significant functional details. Sitting pretty in this rustic dressing room, this lovely closet houses a sizable continuous horizontal space overlying longish vertical wardrobes. The polished exterior bears warm light wood shades with a unique charm.

10. Striking hues of usefulness.

This wooden closet possesses a particularly catchy shade, which imparts a very stylish look not only to the closet itself, but also to the room as a whole.  Complementing the floor brilliantly, this shade is best used in a room with a restrained palette like white, lilac, etc., so as to emphasize the bright accents. Offering a good deal of storage space, this modest closet gels pretty well with the white walls.

How does wood beautify your storage spaces?

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