7 unique dream homes you cannot resist!

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Owning a beautiful home is a dream that millions nurture. Everyone wants his or her house to attract envious glances, make a lasting impression, inspire other dreamers and be a comfortable and soothing space to come home to. So today, we bring you 7 amazing residences which caught our eye last year with their designs, materials and elegance. From prefabricated versions to small but elegant ones, you will find the house of your dreams no matter what your budget is. 

Join us now and see these 7 unique dream homes you cannot resist! We bet one of these will make it to your top list of houses. Wanna bet? 

1.) Elegant and prefabricated.

This single-story prefabricated wooden home has stolen many hearts and is beautiful as well as inviting. Its sloping roof, rich brown walls and spacious porch are everything a small and happy family yearns for.

2.) Lofty and trendy.

Despite the simple lines that define the structure, the house is lofty and arresting with its lavish use of glass to integrate the interiors with the outdoors. The ground floor stylishly connects with a warm wooden deck and elegant swimming pool with trendy lights creating a soothing ambiance.

3.) Stylish simplicity.

Rendered in dark gray and white, this simple single-story Japanese house spans only 409 ft² but is extremely classy. The wooden door, pebbled path and green lawn add color and charm to the structure, while sliding glass doors invite you to explore the spacious and bright interiors.

4.) A charming home.

The architects from Tria Arquitetura were instrumental in revamping this apartment which was originally built in the 70s. And see what a beautiful job they have done. Lush creepers from the upper story balcony overflow to add freshness and charm to the backyard. Glass doors set in black frames open up to integrate the cozy indoors with the refreshing and airy outdoors. Definitely a very lovable spot!

5.) 540 ft² brilliance.

A couple with a modest budget is the owner of this small but sophisticated house rendered in white and gray. The building is cozy, practical and occupies only 540 ft² besides offering the inhabitants ample space for open air relaxation.

6.) Magic in concrete.

Gray, austere and yet enticing, this concrete house with a gabled roof is a showstopper. Glass windows in black metal frames and a cozy wooden door add style to this modern structure. The high wall on the right supports a pair of elegant lamps to make a welcoming statement.

7.) Compact but sensible.

Who knew that such a tiny house could wow homeowners? And yet, this mobile wooden abode is a beautiful place equipped with all modern amenities that promise urban comfort. Bright red frames for the door and windows add colour and spice.

So which home caught your fancy from this list? Let us know. Read another exciting story here - 5 wonderful two-story homes

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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