How to build a trendy and modern terrace

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Having a spacious backyard is perfect for single family homes. They are great for entertaining, letting the kids run around in, and sitting outside and enjoying the outdoors with a bit of privacy. For the most part, however, you can only use your backyard when the weather is warm during the spring and summer months. But what if you could build something where you would be able to enjoy your spacious backyard all year around and in complete comfort? That's the idea of the built-in terrace where you can open the doors up into the backyard or keep it closed during the colder months. It is like adding another room to your house while still being able to enjoy the outdoors all year around.

A trendy and stylish outdoor space.

A simple rectangular structure is all it takes to create this outdoor terrace and the simplicity is what makes it super trendy. The industrial chic look is very in right now and is the perfect design style to use for an outdoor terrace. The metal structural beams match the style and are fairly inexpensive. The roof can be vaulted wood or old wooden crates or even weathered steel, to give it a bit of a rustic look. The brick of the home gives the space an even more hip feel with the traditional feel but it also works with whatever siding your home comes with.

Open to the outside world.

The key to this terrace is that it can be completely closed in to keep out the cold weather or opened up to integrate it with the rest of the backyard. This makes it an all-year structure that you will be sure to get your money's worth for. The essential element to creating this space is accordion style sliding glass doors. These are both seamless and stylish for the space and are very simple to install on a track system, this way you can open up the entire wall to expose it to the rest of the backyard. These particular doors can even be opened up individually to let in some fresh air when the wall is in the lock position.

A fully integrated dining area.

The designers of this incredible terrace have made it so that the side of the home is open to this outdoor dining area. The side of the home opens to the kitchen area with a window as well as a door so that it is very easy to move from the inside to the backyard. This also makes the terrace feel like it a part of the home rather than a very obvious addition. The design for the terrace was kept very simple leaving most of the focus on the sliding glass doors that look out onto the very beautiful and manicured garden. Concrete flooring is used here for a sleek look that is also very economical.

Space for a feast.

The backyard of this home is quite large so there was enough space for the designers to make a terrace that was big enough to seat ten people comfortably. This stunning wooden table is perfect for the industrial chic look and doesn't have to be weather proofed because it is sheltered from the elements. The dining chairs are quite simple and can be moved around very easily which is good if you want to have a seat in the grass and not worry about having special chairs for each zone. Two gorgeous orb pendants hang above the dining table, providing the terrace with a soft glow in the evening and at night.

A fireplace to keep things cozy.

One of the best parts of this terrace is the wooden stove in the very corner of the space to keep things nice and toasty. This wood fired stove is the best way to keep the space warm completely independent from the heat of the home. This keeps heating costs low and also creates a very cozy environment for this terrace. The cylindrical metal shape also plays into the industrial chic look and just completes the entire design of the space. It doesn't take up much space but adds a lot of style to the terrace.

Do you love sitting in your garden? Then check out this terrace so you can enjoy it all year around!

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