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​A wooden house so simple you want to build it yourself!

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AMI ENVIRONMENT DESIGN/アミ環境デザイン Asian style houses
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 Today we’re taking a trip to Japan, to tour a wonderful wooden home by architects, AMI Environment Design.

 No other building material feels quite as natural as wood, and when combined with a multitude of outdoor areas and fluid transitions between spaces you have a home that feels at one with the surrounding environment.

 This fantastic family home is interesting for a number of reasons, but rather than describing these features let’s take a look…

​A phenomenal façade

 The phenomenal façade of this unique abode quite literally blends with its surroundings thanks to the tones of the wooden construction that match the sandy earth around it. The home’s structure leans more toward western style design, but as we’ll see later it’s blended with some more traditional Japanese design elements. The abundance of outdoor space is undoubtedly the home’s most stunning attribute; not only is there a large terrace extending from the first floor, but there’s also a decked patio that extends from the dining area in a seamless transition.

​A superb blend of styles

 Stepping inside the welcoming wooden space we come to an open-plan dining area and kitchen. The understated kitchen sits neatly against one side of the room; comprised of a simple, modern counter and cabinetry.  Both the kitchen and the dining table area are in a western style, but the understated minimalism and abundance of wood remind us we’re in a Japanese home, as well as the traditional shoji screen that separates the kitchen from the patio outside.

​Illuminated at every turn

 Light beams into the home from every corner, with skylights and well-spaced windows ensuring that natural light permeates through the whole home.

 The home’s staircase makes use of the double-height ceiling in an unusual blend of platforms and ladders. The striking design feature is strangely beautiful – turning a functional attribute into an aesthetic achievement. That being said, the structure of the staircase is also practical as it creates storage space under the centre platform.

​No space is wasted

 At the very top of the home there’s an attic space; making use of the pitched roof for what will eventually become a media room.

​The bathroom is beyond compare…

 The bathroom of this unusual abode is astonishing! The dark, polished stone floor exudes elegance and luxury, but the star of the show is undoubtedly the large, spa-bathtub in the room’s centre. The ingenious structure of the property allows a screen to be slid away blending the bathroom with a small garden outside – the perfect place to relax!

 Check out this home crafted to be a centre of calm for more jaw-dropping Japanese design blending indoor and outdoor space.

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