Home Hacks: 19 small things to make your home beautiful

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Style is a matter of putting together a number of touches and elements that make a visually appealing statement without compromising on functionality or comfort. This can be achieved for your home one small touch at a time. From colorful furnishing to indoor plants, aromatic candles, beautiful crockery and even vibrant towels, there is a whole host of aesthetic inputs which can turn a house into a home. 

Do not underestimate the power of small things when it comes to making a big style splash. Have a look at this list to get inspired! We are certain that you will adopt some of these, we love idea number 3!

1. Pair vibrant cushions with a neutral sofa.

Colorful cushions will help you in dressing up a neutral living room and giving it some much needed personality. Place lamps nearby for a luminescent effect as shown in this one designed by the architects at Reis London Ltd.!

2. Add positive energy with fresh flowers.

Say it with flowers! Adding a floral delight or two makes for a fresh and airy style statement like none other—so add such touches liberally! Having fresh flowers around the home brings nature indoors, and keeps the energy positive!

3. Fresh indoor green.

Add greenery in small doses with such a terrarium which is easy to create and maintain. Let this sit in a corner for a green effect. Indoor plants also cleanse the air around the home.

4. An aesthetic wastepaper basket.

Choose from a plethora of styles available for waste paper baskets to make a pretty and trendy statement in your space. Park it in a corner and let it do the rest of the talking.

5. Get some aromatic candles.

Bring in plenty of candles to match the colors and basic vibe of your chosen design scheme of your space. Choose aromatic ones to make a wholesome statement.

6. Inexpensive artwork.

You do not need to get expensive art to make a style dent—get affordable pieces and frame them well for a positive style impact.

7. Gorgeous teapot.

Quirky, pretty and downright trendy - choose a teapot that will say it all!

8. Pretty mugs

Mugs make for a homely and personal statement. So choose a pair that will reflect your style personality well.

9. Lavish bathtub.

A luxurious bath can add oodles of style and layers to your bathroom and lift its style quotient considerably. Choose a unique shape and watch as it brings your bathroom alive.

10. Hot towel rack.

A heated wall mounted towel rack can create a slim, stylish and neat statement that also spells luxury. 

11. Lovely and practical jars.

Jars and containers can make a well-layered design statement with a play of shapes, sizes and even colors.

12. Cool water from the fridge.

Colourful kitchen accents including shelves and jars as well as water bottles in the refrigerator can give you a vibrant pop everywhere you look.

13. Scented diffuser.

Place diffusers in various corners of your home so that a nice scent always greets you and your guests as you move from one area to another.

14. Vintage music.

Place classic pieces like a record player or turntable for a charming effect.

15. Charming bedspread.

Bedspreads and bed sheets with charming patterns and colours can make for a stylish statement.

16. Deck your mattress.

Layer it with a topper, cushions and throws so as to make a luxurious statement.

17. A cozy blanket.

A comforting blanket with a striking pattern adds a soothing touch to any space.

18. Gorgeous wineglasses.

Adding wine glasses to your table top or bureau will ensure a stately and classic look.

19. Pretty towels as well.

Invest in soft and pastel-hued towels for a wholesome look in your bathroom.

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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