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This stately home by the architects at Mullers Buro in Berlin is full of flair thanks to its simple design and largesse. This home is a testament of that very fact, as it brings forth an impressive white structure that conceals many elegant touches within. The elegance has been matched with minimalism so as to create a unique look that suits the needs of a large family. Luxurious decor, spacious and bright rooms combine with trendy furnishing and warm wooden flooring for a charming living experience. Come and take the tour to know more!

Luxury in simplicity.

The facade of the home ensures an awe-inspiring look from the very first glance. Notice the simple flourishes over the doors and windows as well as the symmetrical red roof that sits pretty on the white facade to see what we are talking about. In fact, the luxury aspect of the home comes through with the symmetrical play of windows and doors that are the only obvious adornments of this large mansion. The greenery around the home makes for a neat look too.

Old school touches in the living room.

The living room is a classic beauty with a modern, almost minimalist touch thanks to the layout. The gorgeous crystal chandelier, warm and elegant curtains, cosy furnishing in pastels and some indoor greenery make for a welcoming atmosphere.

Bright and happy kitchen.

The kitchen flaunts mellow shades of yellow on the walls which is a unique statement indeed, even as it brings the white touches alive. The wooden floor ties it all in while a simple round glass table creates a lightweight look without lending too much clutter to the space. Tall glass windows flood the space with cheerful sunlight.

The simple salon.

The salon or lounging spot of the home is right next to a large window with dark drapes. The dark hue is mimicked by the frame of the sofa, while the comfortable seating creates the right spot to take a nap or read a book. Monochrome artworks adorn the wall in simple white frames.

Stately hallway.

The main hall of the home is a stately space with cheery cream and yellow striped wallpaper that accentuates the white beauty of the woodwork. The black metal sculpture makes for an artistic statement, while the wooden floor lends warmth.

Wallpapered goodness.

A robust classic pattern for the wallpaper brings the simple gilded mirror frame alive, even as it renders a luxurious touch to this dressing room.

The home by dusk.

By dusk, the home wows with golden interior lighting which shines through the white facade. The golden lighting glows through the glass doors and windows, creating a magical and gentle look. The home is lit up from within to show off the scale of the space.

The floor plan.

The floor plan of the home shows off the symmetrical foundation on which it has been planned as well as the square footage of the space. All rooms are spacious and ensure easy communication among the family members.

Take another tour - A stunning wood and white attic loft

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