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8 easy ways to give your living room a fresh look

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Looking for a fresh take on your living room? Here are 8 simple ideas for revamping your space in the coming year! Take a look around and notice how you feel in your space. If your living room is leaving you tired or frustrated, its time for shift—and it may be that even the smallest of changes can make a major impact.

1. ​Statement lighting

You don't need a complete overhaul, no matter how tempting it may feel to just chuck everything and completely reinvent your space. Often, the mood in space is determined primarily by the lighting. An interior designer can help you choose an appropriate lighting scheme, but only you can evaluate how you're feeling in your space. If you're feeling down when you spend time in your living room—or if you're avoiding spending time there entirely—consider an investment in statement lighting that you absolutely love. This floor lamp draws eyes with its long, curved line which places the lamp in a perfect spot for a quiet—and well-lit—reading session. Under-lighting beneath the cabinets also serves to subtly brighten this interior space.

2. ​Add a personal touch

If your space is feeling sterile, evaluate whether your living room reflects who you are as a person. An up cycled craft or self-made masterpiece may be all you need to freshen up your space. Your living room is a spot that should reflect your personality and tell a story to your friends and family about what you value and like to do.

3. ​Bring out the colour

A surefire way to liven up or re-brand your space is through the use of colour. You don't need to drown your walls in rich, dark hues—instead, opt for small pops of colour that create contrast and energy without overwhelming the eyes. This high-energy example is made possible by a neutral backdrop in the floor, walls, ceiling, TV table, and sofa, which create plenty of blank space for the colourful elements to really shine.

4. ​Add a quote

Again, small changes can make a larger impact than you might expect. Adding a quote to your walls takes little more than paint and a paintbrush, but the simple addition of a personal mantra or favourite quote can be a great way to revamp your space, instantly instilling a new attitude.

5. ​Increase functionality

Tripping over your living room decor? Then you're at a points where you should hold back from adding more decorative accessories and focus on adding utilitarian and practical pieces instead. This coffee table can store smaller matching tables underneath, easily expanding for when guests come over. Likewise, wicker baskets on the left make for stylish and convenient (and budget-friendly) storage. Increase the functionality of your room, and you'll be able to spend more time enjoying it and less time picking up after yourself!

6. ​Install window treatments

If your living room is too bright in the morning or too hot in the afternoon, install window treatments like blinds or curtains so that you can regulate the light. This practical addition will allow you more flexibility and enjoyment in the use of your space.

7. Add a plant

Hands down, the quickest way to refresh a room is to liven it up with living, growing plant life. Even the smallest burst of green can make a major impact!

8. ​Add a bookcase

ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

There's something refreshing about having books on display. The thought of reading a book is often calming, thought-provoking, and enjoyable, and having a visual reminder of your favorite reads transforms your book collection from a storage hassle to an enriching visual feast! This simple design involves nothing more than a long white board, drill, and bolts for securing the shelf to the wall. If your books are more for ambience than for everyday use, a decorative, out-of-the-way design like this one is perfect.

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