9 amazing BBQ grills!

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When we think of summer, the first thing that springs up is the barbecue. Undoubtedly the most awaited summer activity, cooking in the fire of a barbecue grill and relishing the delectable goodies with the loved ones has no parallels. Imagine your home full of your near & dear on a bright summer day, and as the merriment escalates, the irresistible aroma of sumptuous roasts fills the air. Tempting, isn’t it?

Be it your garden, outdoor kitchen, the patio, poolside or your backyard, the grill scores high when it comes to being one of the most popular summer hangouts. After all, even the lamest excuse is enough to stir the coal!

Today, we at homify offer you 9 unique barbecue designs for your home, that are bound to make you await summertime like never before. Take a look!

1. Modular warmth for a great outdoor time.

The contemporary details of this well equipped barbecue uphold the concept of the grill. The basic grid structural framework covers the entire barbecue area housing everything you need for a singular patio experience- proper tables, ample space to sit, a charming bar to entertain the guests and of course, a splendid barbecue grill dishing out yummy goodies. 

Made out of stone and iron, this space is amazing and has everything needed to make the most of lazy summer afternoons. Did you notice the appealing bar counter base? An integral part of a patio space, such modern barbecue & fire pit set up is something that is increasingly gaining popularity & coming to occupy a respectable place in architects’ blueprints.

2. Welcome suggestions of homespun charm.

This barbecue is definitely a picture of elegance.  With a design conveying curved lines and apparent brick structure, this barbecue has been really tastefully crafted. The warm rustic accents extend a lip smacking promise in this side of the garden and this barbecue is a perfect element for updating a country house or a modern dwelling with rustic vibes. Just look at those delicious eggplants roasting away!

3. Piquant & homely.

Here we see an attractively rustic rotisserie that is the focal point of this enormous patio. Made of bricks with a lot of space for storing logs & ashes as well as bearing a fireplace & an oven, this barbecue grill could very well be any outdoor kitchen lover’s fantasy.

4. Carved in stone.

Clad your Braai in Stone The Braai Man Garden Fire pits & barbecues
The Braai Man

Clad your Braai in Stone

The Braai Man

A sturdier & more elegant alternative to brick masonry grills is the one made of stone. Being more resistant to meteorological changes as compared to bricks, stone is a better option for a barbecue grill and imparts an imposing country feel to the barbecue space. As shown in the image, a stone clad barbecue grill lends an appetizing simplicity to the whole barbecue experience.

5. A conceptual wonder.

Bringing together stone, brick & steel and a wrought iron cover for an L-shaped stone structure, a really simple grill has been created along with a counter for food preparation. The smart underlying concept beautifully manages to make the whole thing look like a visually sound sculpture-   a true gem for the courtyard.

6. Taking care of taste & relaxation- versatility to vouch for.

This contemporary barbecue/ grill has been created out of stones arranged in a gabion. Uncomplicated with straight lines, the minimalist gabion imparts the grill a very original & elegant touch and the terrace, an exquisite inviting stance. Look at the delectable spread - ah to be seated on the plush couch & relishing the savories dished out by that grill!

A truly scrumptious proposition eh?

7. How about a meal with family and friends?

KUB Garden Fire pits & barbecues

The barbecue design shown in the image, with the grill at the center of the table, creates a unique harmony among the people sitting around it- the grill being within the reach of everyone allows each diner to take their food to the desired degree of roast and make the most of the family time at the dining table. The light woody details magnify the comfy accents to enhance the wholesomeness of the meal.

8. Good old wood- the evergreen complement to taste.

Although there exist an infinite number of possibilities in terms of grill design and functionality, but what has of late been very sought after is the wood-fired oven. It is ideal for cooking a dish of your choice outdoors- in the garden, courtyard or good old patio. After all, there could be nothing like a freshly baked pizza with the characteristic smoky flavor imparted by cooking in wood.

9. Height of originality.

This singular barbecue, with a steel sheet base, bears a graceful organic form that moves away from the traditional barbecue format.  A true piece of art, this one will add a new dimension to your courtyard.

How does your barbecue grill make your summers memorable?

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