Pommery Champagne Bar, Park Lane

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Pommery Champagne Bar, Park Lane Fraher and Findlay Bars & clubs
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The Pommery Champagne Bar in the Park Lane Hilton has been transformed with a complete refurbishment courtesy of Fraher Architects. The architects have successfully given the establishment a makeover which reflects the essence of the Pommery estate, and has an undeniably luxurious and indulgent feel. The design proposal introduced a sensitive intervention that doesn't extensively alter the existing building fabric, but is still able to maximise space.

The idea behind the design was to evoke the feeling of drinking in a vineyard, and that is exactly what has been achieved, with backlit, abstract vines creating a relaxed but sophisticated mood. Not only have the interiors been transformed, but so too was the logo, branding, and marketing materials. This was done in partnership with Graphic Design firm Freytag Anderson for a full overhaul of the bar's image. Let's take a closer look…

A grand entrance

Marble flooring with a tasteful art-deco pattern dominates the hallway, ending just before the sliding frosted glass doors. The frosted diamond panels, in conjunction with the clear glass sections, allow for a variation of light to filter in and out of the room to stunning effect. The diamonte pattern is repeated on the backwall, drawing a connection between the front and back of the room for a unified look. As well as the staged lighting, the slightly restricted view into the seating area also creates an impression of exclusivity and contributes to the chic and edgy vibe.

The bar

View across to the bar Fraher and Findlay Bars & clubs
Fraher and Findlay

View across to the bar

Fraher and Findlay

All the design elements come together in the bar area, which embraces shimmering golds and bronze tones, balanced out with the cool and sophisticated navy of the upholstery. Light is used to create layers and an illusion of depth, both in the panelling along the bar, on the ceiling, and on the back wall. The interiors are luxurious, but an element of playfulness in the design is appropriate to its purpose—to provide a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of top quality champagne!

Social space

View to the entrance Fraher and Findlay Bars & clubs
Fraher and Findlay

View to the entrance

Fraher and Findlay

The row of comfortable but stylish seats along the back wall are a stark contrast to the small, round stools in a neutral tone, but thanks to the repeated arrangement, a harmonious visual flow is established. The space feels intimate, with the chairs placed close together, and a narrow walkway between the right and left-hand side seating areas. The wall spotlights cause pools of light to form behind the seats, with the resulting shadows contributing to the ambience. 

Private seating area

Branded champagne boxes Fraher and Findlay Bars & clubs
Fraher and Findlay

Branded champagne boxes

Fraher and Findlay

Here we can see the Pommery Champagne bar logo, which consists of two interlocking half-diamonds encased by a larger one. The shapes also resemble the letter 'C', and of course the first word which springs to mind in this context is 'champagne'! The logo is simple but makes a big impact, and it can be seen throughout the bar in various forms and on various media to fully establish the brand.

The finer details

Now to take a closer look at the table decorations and carefully designed menus. The combination of black and gold has connotations of luxury, wealth, and sophistication. The marketing materials, and smaller details which are just as important in reflecting the brand or image, have been created in accordance with the minimalist style. The candles are surrounded by a honeycomb-like cage, also in gold, and also twisted into diamond shaped sections. The consistency in the design is apparent, and helps to create a strong and together brand for the Champagne bar. 

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