New Year: 15 ways to spend less in your home without compromising on quality

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If one of your New Year's resolutions is to cut back on costs in your home, then take a look at these ideas. There are all sorts of tricks and smart ideas to use to make sure you don't blow the budget when refurnishing or redecorating. 

Even simply moving your furniture around can freshen up your interior, and it's a thing that many people don't even consider doing. We have 15 more crafty tips to share with you today that will revamp your pad without destroying your savings. Let's take a look at them. 

1. Going industrial.

If you are set on refurbishing your kitchen, or even just wanting to add a kitchen island, then consider going for something metal and more industrial. Stainless steel benches are cheaper than granite and easier to maintain than wooden options, completely heat resistant and are durable. 

Also worth trying: racks. They are the perfect place to store unused items and are cheaper than building new cupboards. 

2. Glass jars.

Changing the lighting in your home is a quick and easy way to change the whole feeling of the place, and one inexpensive way to do it is with glass jars. If you have a whole lot of individual lightbulbs in glass jars hanging from the ceiling, your room will instantly be like your favourite trendy city bar that has just opened up down the road. This look is hot! 

3. Stylistically simple.

Another cost-cutting tip when it comes to kitchen renovations: minimalism. If you go for a whole new look, then go for this one—it doesn't take much for it to look good. Cupboards can have no handles, the colour scheme monochromatic and furniture can be simply designed, all without looking like you skimped on the extras.  

4. Wooden palettes.

Using wooden palettes at home is not only fashionable, but an inexpensive way of updating your decor. If you manage to find a few, they can really transform a room. They make the best coffee tables and great feature walls. 

Another pro tip: use them as a bed base and customise them to have drawers that fit underneath for extra storage. 

5. Building with bricks.

This tip is for those who love barbecues and entertaining on the terrace. Instead of investing hundreds into new outdoor furniture or pizza ovens, try doing it yourself (or get a professional to help you plan it). By building your outdoor furniture from brick, you not only save money, but will have some beautiful and unique pieces as a part of your patio

6. Unique details.

By choosing a couple of things to renovate, you can really change the whole look of a room. This hallway focuses on bright colours, a bold design on the floor and some simple, but stunning lampshades. 

This is a memorable look, but one that won't cost the earth to recreate. 

For more amazing hallways and entrances, check these out

7. Repurposing items.

These old suitcases have found new life as side tables in the bedroom, and is just one of the many ways you can upcycle and reuse unwanted items. Think a bit creatively and you too can have a memorable new piece of furniture.  

9. Add some storage.

So you have a small room and are wanting to add some extra storage? You don't have to build a walk in wardrobe or downsize your bed, just look carefully where you have extra space and custom build some cupboards to fit. The space above the bed is often wasted space—try some cupboards there!

8. Work a texture.

You don't have to repaint all of your walls to get a new bold look. This wooden feature wall in the bedroom doesn't cost much, but looks expensive and on-trend. Choose a texture and really go for it—and this is a look that will work anywhere in the house. 

10. Add storage into your furniture.

Wooden chests are invaluable in the bedroom—they double as extra storage for winter blankets and make a great place to sit. The same goes for foot stools, or even some poufs have room inside to tuck things away into. Choose furniture in your home that can double up their uses. 

11. Keep it raw.

If you are looking for ways to divide a room, or just want a change of scenery, consider concrete. It's inexpensive but when used, it will make your room look chic and contemporary. Don't forget you can add a colour tint to concrete, so it doesn't have to be plain gray. 

12. Experiment with the unexpected.

Who said outdoor furniture had to be big, bulky and break the bank? This adorable red outdoor set is light, cheerful and a cheap solution to seating problems. Try metal, or even plastic furniture for a fun and fresh look. 

13. Use wood in new ways.

Sometimes you don't even need to buy new furniture—this household has the right idea by using cut wooden logs as a side table outside on the terrace. Or try stacking wooden crates, or unused pots on each other. 

14. Light the way.

Again, it's the lighting that really make this outdoor area special. So if you invest in one thing this new year, make it lighting. These homeowners have only used a few angled lamps on the wall, but it creates a beautiful dramatic effect. 

15. Corrugated iron.

If you are looking to build a new garden shed or outdoor room, consider making it out of corrugated iron. It's another inexpensive material, that has a bold look, and when paired next to bright flowers in the garden or surrounded by pale tiling, it looks incredible. 

What's your favourite tip when it comes to decorating on a budget?

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