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Built in the beautiful jungles of Mexico, this forest home stands out within its surroundings because it is unlike a typical jungle camp-style home that one would expect. The architects at Grupo Arquitectura from Mexico had made it their mission to create a utilitarian structure that has moved with the times for a rather futuristic take on the modern day camp-style home. Smooth edges, sharp rendition and exposed concrete ensure that a chic look has been put in place, where style combines with the verdant green surroundings in a rather eclectic way. Come and have a look at this next home tour to know more.

Cutting edge style for the facade.

The facade of the home has been set in two distinct levels within this clearing in the forest. The black and gray look is a becoming one that makes for a stylish bearing, while the sleek linear lines create a chic look. The razor-sharp rendition, the stone detailing, the metal columns as well as the glass sheets sit well in tandem to create a space with high design values.

​Set on a slope.

The design advantage of this home is that the look changes from every angle. From this vantage point, you may find yourself looking at a simple single-story structure. Yet, in reality, since the home is set on a slope, one cannot really see the rest of the home. Amid the dirt trail, the gangplank marks the approach to this side of the home.

​Colorful industrial chic.

The artistic and industrial dwell seamlessly within this home. The chic couch and the quirky stools in typical tribal flair add much panache to this space. The glass windows and doors have been positioned for a peek of the greenery, irrespective of the spot you take inside. The loft-like kitchen and the sleek stone finishes make for an elegant look in the home.

​Modern and classy in the lounge.

The lounge or the living room of the home has a modern and classy vibe. The exposed cement walls and the gray floor host some leather chairs, placed in a simple circle while a large chrome lamp beams into the center with a swirl. The pop of color here is thanks to the orange coffee table. The glass sheets for the walls complete the space and its simple yet powerful design.

​Expansive good looks for the terrace.

The terrace of this home is where you can actually get a scenic view. The designers have left this space open with lots of light wooden seating with upholstered seats for comfort. The glass and metal pergola is a modern one that lines the side of the wooden L, which holds a pebbled pond. The entire scene is an idyllic one.

​Vintage cars in a modern garage.

The industrial looking home for the cars is a rather luxurious addition to the space. The obvious love for vehicles is apparent with this collection and the garage that has been custom-made for the same.

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