Interior design: 21 ideas to renovate your home with very little effort

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Contrary to popular concept, giving your home a makeover does not always translate into huge investments. Nor are the interior designers or room decorators always needed. In fact, many a times creativity & emphasis on small inexpensive modifications/ alterations can bring about great changes, drastically improving the functionality of different elements while enhancing the visual appeal manifolds. And it is exactly what this article is all about.

Today on homify, we bring to you 21 convenient & simple solutions that can help you save while enhancing the beauty and practical elegance of your home. Have a closer look! 

Interior design: 21 ideas to renovate your home with very little effort

1. Polished bathroom tiles – splendidly spotless hygiene.

In your bathroom, simply cleaning & disinfecting the tiles properly with suitable products does away with the moisture & dirt to restore the shiny avatar of the tiles. Investment—just your time and good cleaning material!

2. Decked up usefully.

It is an added advantage if the decoration items in our homes double up being useful otherwise as well. As for example, this rustic style jute rope knot door stop is an element of graceful utility. Often while opening, the doors bang against the walls and ruin them. This door stop with a loop handle for easy maneuverability conveniently offers a solution whilst adding a modish and unique touch.  

3. Doors & windows- smooth sailing.

Windows and doors need to be lubricated at the joints regularly using suitable products so as to maintain the seamless-ness in opening & closing, and avert annoying squeaks that may damage the doors & windows over time.

4. Jazzy guard for furniture legs.

A very handy solution to reduce the wear and tear of furniture is to attach protective plastic/ rubber cushions at the tips of furniture legs. Chairs, sofas, coffee tables, etc. adorning your living room can be fitted with such attachments to increase their durability. Wheels can also be employed to prevent damage by dragging, when moving furniture. You can further introduce trinkets/ embellished cushions that double up as decor besides guarding the furniture legs against getting worn out.

5. Based on LED lighting.

Lighting is a fundamental aspect for all living spaces, particularly so in the kitchen. A system of LED lights at the base of the furniture ensures a proper effortless lighting that is energy efficient and low cost. It further enriches the space with bright accents of character and personality—look at this amazing white kitchen with the fabulous lighting at the base of overhead closets and of below-counter storage spaces.

6. Protect the leather from weathering.

If your living room has leather couch/ sofa, you need to be extra careful to protect it owing to its ease of wearing out from intensive use on a day-to-day basis. So, it is advisable to periodically use special wax/ polish on their surfaces, which help protect their surfaces and retain their shine.

7. Hooked to household minimalism.

An original, practical, inexpensive and uncomplicated way to doll up your home innovatively is to go for such hooks as depicted in this image. Such knick knacks improve the functionality of the walls besides beautifying them, sans making it look over the top.

8. Shiny bathroom walls—sheen of freshness.

The degree of maintenance & care lavished upon the walls of a bathroom oftentimes accounts for the difference between a seemingly new bathroom and one that shows signs of ageing. This is more so when the bathroom dimensions are on the lower side. As is evident from the image, this small yet modern bathroom appears bright with striking walls & ceiling – the fresh look can be attributed to due care being taken to keep the walls clean.

9. Welcoming warmth at the entrance.

At the main door/ entrance to your home, placing a charmingly cushy little doormat can augment the look and make it more inviting to your visitors.

10. Adding floral freshness.

Fresh flowers are the simplest and the best low cost solution for bringing a lively natural touch to the living spaces without having to shell out a lot of money.

11. Lighting up with creative novelty.

We know that lighting is indispensable to a dwelling, and low cost options that provide visually sound illumination options are a true manna from heaven when looking to furnish/ decorate on a budget. As shown here, lamps & chandeliers made out of paper/ canvas in different formats offer a smart way to save while imparting a new jazzed up look to the interiors.

12. Neat accents for elegance—organized storage.

Though not directly linked with home revamp, the concept of orderly storage with a proper arrangement does play a significant part in making the home look tidy and hence, visually appealing. Storage cabinets are an integral part of interior design- a way to ensure maximum possible utilization of available space and offering ample space to stash away knick knacks you don’t immediately need. This way, lesser of the belongings will be strewn around making the room appear neat & clean. As in this image, this clothes rail-cum-rack could be a welcome addition to a bedroom.

13. Let the creative juices flow.

Without spending much, you can bedeck the walls of your home using wall stencils & stickers. Muted walls can be given a peppy pop with wall art & modern art pieces as well.  In this photo, the meticulously ink- drawn alphabets sit pretty on this Scandinavian wall.

14. Laundry basket- practical grace.

The good old laundry basket is a really useful feature for any washing room/ bathroom. Replete with functionality, it could double up as a decorative object in different colors & patterns thereby bringing in a hint of charm.

15. Cleanliness—the way to an effortlessly beautiful home.

The key to having a beautiful home is to keep it neat & tidy. Very often, we tend to consider that purchasing new stuff to replace old items is the only way to beautify the home. However, the fact is that maintaining the spaces spick & span and using some smart inexpensive ways for homeware can go a long way in making a huge difference on the visual front. For example, hanging this bulb on the ladder creates a style statement with no messy wires lying around on the floor. Innovative, isn’t it?

16. Clean carpets for unsoiled grace.

Be it the living room, the bedroom or the entrance, carpets are the perfect accompaniments to soften the look & offer an inviting stance. That said, they are also the furnishing elements that attract plenty of dirt and undergo a lot of wear & tear. This is why carpets necessitate regular cleaning so that the dirt sticking to it does not mar the look of your home spaces. Did you notice the beautiful varicolored carpet in the photo?

17. Heed the heartiness quotient.

The kitchen, the most important part of a home, requires sincere attention to be maintained as fresh as new. Using the best fixtures & diligently tidying up can make it remain appealingly spotless, ensure durability of kitchenware/ appliances and preserve the wholesome character of the kitchen.

18. Ensuring a fresh & fragrant environment.

Employing air fresheners, preferably natural & non invasive scents, creates a pleasantly fragrant ambiance in the living spaces. After all, smell has a significant role to play in creating desirable home spaces.

19. A dash of color—a new face, a new lease of life.

Not only walls, but racks, shelves & bookcases can also be given a new appearance simply by adding a fresh pop of color. Color imparts a renewed vibrant aspect to different elements, and it is cheap too! Did you see these bright lacquered shelves?

20. Changing picture frames—lending a new face to the walls.

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Another economical idea to do up the house is to change the picture frames, posters and wall paintings. A clever way to impart a new life to your choicest images, changing the picture-frame greatly alters the appearance of the walls. Notice the lovely Scandinavian artwork shown here.

21. Hand-crafted for a refreshing repose.

The chic walls of this snug bedroom have been bedecked using hand drawn wall stickers. Truly impactful solutions to decorate the walls, these lovely adornments add a winsome dimension to the bedroom.

Which economical home restyling ideas do you have up your sleeve?

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