​10 chalets to die for!

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The chalet style of architecture represents leisure homes that are set in mellow countrysides with greenery powering a combination of fun and frolic, as the holiday mood effectively sets in. At the same time, a layered approach sets it apart from normal cottages and makes it royalty-worthy. In the old times, these were homes owned by the aristocracy and they have still not lost their robust high-end design appeal. Come and have a look at these 10 chalets to revel in the beauty of this style of architecture and design.

​Pinched to perfection.

Linear yet whimsical—that is the phrase that springs to mind as we regard this beauty in the woods, designed by the architects at REITSEMA & PARTNERS ARCHITECTEN BNA. The A-line structure goes all the way to the rooftop with a glass face, broken only with delicate white frames. The overall look is one that holds attention, thanks to the linear and contemporary take on the typical chalet.

​Lincoln log cabin.

The stacked logs have been used to create the facade in a style that is known as the Lincoln log cabin. This robust country beauty combines soft pink rooftops, with the shingle shining stylishly above the solid wooden grain. Glass windows and white frames create the right balance here.

​Tropical wholesome beauty.

The haystack look makes for a lightweight mood as we explore this pretty wooden chalet, set in a tropical style with well-trimmed shrubs around the space. The open layout is accentuated by delicate wrought iron elements.

​Lakeside chalet.

Set in a deep green forest of wonder, this lakeside chalet peeps out from behind tall trees to give us a peek of its red facade. The slanting roof on top and the towering beauty makes it a picturesque scene indeed. The lake reflects the beauty of this home well.

​Glamour-filled chalet.

Glamour seems to be the middle name of this open-faced chalet that basks in the glow of its natural wooden ceiling and stone columns that hold it aloft. It seems indifferent to the modern dictates of design and flaunts its own with an open terrace and frames where walls should be. The porch below also makes for a splendid sit out.

​Warm wooden hues.

This typical countryside chalet is done up with wood through and through, giving it a neat and warm appeal. White walls and a railing have been used for the terrace, while the layered wonder is adorned with flowers and green delights.

​Beach vibe.

This chalet puts the R in resort as it basks in a beach-side vibe, which is laid back and expansive.

​Urban quarters.

This urban chalet has an industrial twist, courtesy of the white walls and the asymmetrical play of its green-gray slanting roof tops.

​Contemporary chalet.

This chalet is an open-faced glass one with a quirky roof that veers to the sides in a playful manner.

​Industrial chic chalet.

This industrial chic chalet has been done up with uniform elements that come to play on its textured and rectangular structure.

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