Gardens: after you see these 19 gardens, you will want to renovate yours

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Gardening is an artistic pursuit that offers a rejuvenating feel to those engaged in it as well as those visually admiring it alike. A wonderful pastime, a good exercise, a palliative bonus and a sure-shot adornment for your home, garden need not always be a large outdoor space. These days landscape architects ensure a manicured lawn/ garden space for every home, at innovatively thought out locations of the house—interior or exterior.

Here at homify we are going to explore 19 gardens today, that deck up not only the traditional outdoor front space inside the main gate but also modest entryway, living room, patio, corner spaces, lobby, backyard, poolside, and even walls! A variety of materials like the humble wood, sturdy concrete, earthy clay or good old stone can be employed to design a garden. Size is not a constraint either—from a couple of planters to a reasonable lawn or a sizable garden surrounded by stones, green relief is possible in all sizes and for all budgets.

A definite comfort zone to relax & recharge you, a garden space is always a welcome addition to any dwelling. Hop on as we take you on this soothing ride at the end of which, you are bound to be inspired to fix yours. And if you still do not own a little green space, you will simply want to have one right away!

Gardens: after you see these 19 gardens, you will want to renovate yours!

1. Outlined with stone, centered on relief.

2. A lush welcome combination for a grand entry.

3. Mexican style recharge in patio—heart to heart in the midst of greens.

4. Cornered by hearty desert inspiration.

5. Well defined niches carved with picture-perfect charm.

6. Contemporary warmth with green comfort- practical elegance is the hero.

7. Eclectic grace carved in stone, for inclusive respite.

9. Wrapped in Asian accents of elegant endurance.

10. Stone slabs to surround the classic grace.

11. In the courtyard—an inside story of greens.

12. Backyard with stone claddings- appealing pop of freshness.

13. Natural connection for lounging in bonus jazz.

14. The no-frills inviting stance.

15. Verdant poise for the backyard.

16. Well lit Patio with hues of snugness.

17. Mediterranean garden with aqua allure.

18. Green suggestion for a sound modern aspect.

19. Rustic notes of versatility—garden that fits any space you want!

Which of these 19 ideas stimulated your green thumb the most?

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