20 tips for completing a successful home renovation (part two)

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Private House - Holland Park New Images Architects Modern Terrace
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Yesterday, we gave you part one of our top tips for renovating a home with intent to sell successfully and today, we complete the series! We looked at how architects and interior designers seek to make the most of houses, without breaking the bank, in order to bring you a comprehensive guide that you can keep in mind if you decide to branch out into property renovations and we think we may have saved the best 10 tips for today! Read on and see if we bring to light any issues that you hadn't yet considered and then get ready to enjoy all your profits!

11. Make more of the natural light.

Potential buyers of your property are always going to be keen to see how much light flows into the property, so if you have the opportunity to add a skylight or some extra windows, we think that's an investment that will see a great return.

12. Make the entrance a showstopper.

Private Villa, Surrey Keir Townsend Ltd. Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
Keir Townsend Ltd.

Private Villa, Surrey

Keir Townsend Ltd.

Your home entrance is the first impression that your home will actually make on potential buyers. You want them to feel at home, impressed and suitably welcomed as soon as they cross the threshold, so don't cut corner or opt for a boring scheme here. 

13. Don't forget the facade.

Your property might be pretty as a picture, but if the window sills have peeling paint or the general finish is a little tatty, people will be instantly put off by the amount of work they'll need to put in later. A coat of paint never killed anyone, so get to it!

14. Keep it clean people!

Living Room Clean Design Modern Living Room
Clean Design

Living Room

Clean Design

We really hope that this is a just a common sense issue that you already know, but just in case it's not, please remember to give your property a thorough deep clean before any potential buyers see it! It should be spotless, smelling great and looking ready to live in!

15. Go as big as you can with an extension.

Private House - Holland Park New Images Architects Modern Terrace
New Images Architects

Private House—Holland Park

New Images Architects

If you are seriously investing in a property and adding an extension, add the largest one that you can, with your budget. Every square foot counts, so get planning permission and start building! Most buyers will prefer a larger interior space as apposed to a generous garden, so it's a sacrifice worth making.

16. Look for spaces to convert.

A beautiful place to store your bottles! PAD ARCHITECTS Wine cellar

A beautiful place to store your bottles!


Got an unconverted loft or basement in your property? That's all extra room that potential buyers will go crazy for, especially if they can become extra bedrooms or useful spaces such as home offices! You don't need to go crazy with the décor, but a finished renovation will certainly add a huge amount of value!

17. Large front doors add gravitas.

For a facade that impresses on sight, why don't you think about swapping out a standard front door for something larger and grander? We are all guilty of loving bragging rights and a truly spectacular front door will make your property the envy of the neighborhood!

18. Create personalised parking.

This is so vital! Parking always seems to come at a premium, so if you have the capacity to add a driveway, garage or simple a parking space to your property, do it! Buyers are always looking for homes that offer more practicality and convenience for their money and an on site parking spot will be at the top of many people's lists.

19. If you have space, create something unusual.

If there is an extra room in your home that maybe feels a little small to turn into something like an extra bedroom, then why not add an unusual space? A cinema room doesn't have to be huge, but can be a real draw, just as a home office can be as well!

20. Maintain the garden.

Even super keen gardeners won't be interested in a home that will need totally landscaping, so take the time to create a simple and neat space that sets off your property perfectly. Well nourished grass and an accessible path are really all you need to worry about!

If you missed part one, take a look at it here: 20 tips for completing a successful home renovation (part one).

Did we shed some light on any new tips for you here?

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