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We can't all have a perfectly square room to create our kitchens in and as a result, unusual and innovative designs are necessary, but you'll be staggered by what kitchen planners are actually creating right now! We've found some truly unique and inspiring spaces to show you today and they are all notable for their personal approaches to interior design and appliance integration, so if you have an out of the ordinary space to upgrade or just fancy changing things up a bit in your home, come with us now as we enjoy looking at what other people have installed in their homes!

What a shape!

A small space was no bother here, as this unique curved galley set-up proves! We love the dark wood worktop and bold metallic mosaic tiles!

Sunken treasure.

Now this is unusual! The kitchen is on a lower level than the living room, but open out into it! Wood cabinets keeps everything in-keeping, but stepping down into the room adds such gravitas!

A pop of color.

White or wood kitchens might be the norm, but you don't have to be bound by them if you love bold color in your home! This wild berry hue looks every inch the high-class installation!

Pretty as a picture.

Why don't we consider patterned wallpaper for kitchens more often? This example is certainly making us think about it, as the beautiful walls add such a pretty and eye-catching element! Love that green island too!

Modern and rustic.

Combining modern and rustic styles can be a challenge, but this kitchen has made it look easy! Rough textural brickwork meets sleek white cabinets and worktops with ease and the high ceilings keep you looking!

Cabinets where you need them.

We always love it when people have designed their kitchens to perfectly suit their needs, rather than opting for standard styles. The unusual high cabinets and open shelves here, as well as the long handles, are such inspiring choices!

Bijou and beautiful.

Got a small kitchen? That's no problem if you are willing to think outside the box! We love this one-wall installation, as it has been unapologetic in its use of luxury black marble and those double top cabinets mean that storage isn't in short supply either!

Personal taste.

Wow! This is an unusual kitchen! With the antler light fixture, hanging storage and central dining table, this is such a sociable and engaging spot! Seriously, you'd be trying to take it all in, while you eat!

Priorities on point.

When you have a busy household, you need to make sure that your kitchen is geared towards practicality and this one is a perfect demonstration of that! With all appliances carefully housed under the countertop, open shelves offer extra storage and the white wall tiles with black grout look so modern and unusual!

Low and lovely.

A low ceiling can be a tricky architectural style to tackle, but we love that it's been made a feature here! With wide but low windows and a super deep sill in place, there is ample storage, where you'd least expect it!

A kitchen for everyone.

How unusual is this? A large U-shaped kitchen installation, which takes up most of the available space, with a central breakfast bar for enjoying the view out into the garden! So daring and fun, not to mention inclusive!

Art itself.

This kitchen could be a modern art installation, it's that unique! A seemingly floating island, massive ceiling height and exposed industrial conduit have made it a feast for the eyes! All metal cabinets are a bold move too but they really work!

Cocooned in style.

The lighting in this kitchen is what really sets it apart, as it makes such a show of the beautiful interior cladding that makes the whole room feel enclosed and almost like a closely-guarded secret! The way the cabinet doors imply flow into the ceiling is inspiring us no end!

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Which of these kitchens was the most unique?

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