10 simple ways to renovate the bathroom

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Anyone who has ever built a house from scratch or renovated their home knows that this is no easy task. Regardless, some parts of the house is more difficult to complete than others, and we can all agree that the bathroom is on the harder side of the spectrum. Not only is it a bit more labor-intensive than other spaces, but it is also a big investment in terms of finances. Therefore, it is not something we will do every year or so. That doesn't mean, however, that you won't get bored with your bathroom after a couple of years. 

Fortunately, you can change little things in the bathroom that still have a significant and impressive effect. In the list we bring you today, we'll show you exactly how you can do that. Read on to discover ten simple ways to renovate your very own bathroom!

1. Unique and original items.

How about hanging a lamp above your bathtub? You can see how it can be done in this picture. This lamp is very easy to make yourself. It consists only of wood, light bulbs and rope. It's a simple way to give your bathroom a different look, just like we can see here in this image, and of course it's nice to have a well-lit and ambient bathroom space. 

2. Pastels on the walls.

Pastels do very well in the bathroom. In the picture, we see a cool hue that radiates tranquility. As you can see, it fits perfectly with the wood in the rest of the bathroom. Giving your bathroom a new lick of paint is an easy way to renovate the space.

3. Wooden cabinet and plants.

A new cabinet in the bathroom is another easy way to renovate the space. For example, choose wood for the cabinet, as in the picture above. This works very well with bright bathrooms. Add some decoration with plants to provide a little extra atmosphere.

4. Photo walls and murals.

Today, photo wallpaper is a popular way to coat a wall in the house, and will work just as well in the bathroom. One thing you just need to make sure of, is to get wallpaper which is suitable for the damp nature of the bathroom.

5. Various accessories.

To easily achieve a different look, you may just as well start with the accessories. As you can see in this example, the right accessories can achieve a lot. Lamps and photos are two great accessories to this end. 

6. Antique bathroom cabinet.

Do you have a modern bathroom , but want something completely different? Try replacing your bathroom cabinet with an antique piece of furniture as they have done in the picture above.

7. Iron hooks for towels.

If the original design of your bathroom had been a bit impractical when it comes to amenities, you can always add some hooks to conveniently hang a few towels.

8. Framed mirror.

Mirrors in modern bathrooms are usually devoid of frames. That's quite unfortunate, as we are sure you will agree after seeing the image able. A mirror frame can provide a wonderful new look to an outdated bathroom. 

9. Shutters for windows.

Bathroom windows usually have treatments for privacy reasons. New window treatments can affect the look of your bathroom more than you think. Providing a bit of a rustic look, shutters is one of our favorite options, and will suit almost any type of bathroom.

10. Blackboard paint.

With blackboard paint on the walls of the bathroom, you can constantly keep changing the space. With a piece of chalk, you can write anything on the walls. If this isn't an original idea for the design of your bathroom, then we don't now what is!

We hope you can use these small tips to make a big change in your bathroom, but if you are looking to go all the way, take a look at our how to guide for small bathroom makeovers. 

Which of these small changes are you going to try out in your bathroom?

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