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Challenge: fully clean your home with this 30 day cleaning challenge

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Would you like to do a 30 day cleaning challenge? We promise it is not going to be difficult and it will make you and your home feel organized and fresh

If you complete this challenge in the first 30 days of January (or let's say mid-February for those who started the challenge late), you will have a spotless home that is easier to maintain and to keep tidy for the rest of the year. If you are ready to make your home sparkle, then check out this 30 day cleaning challenge that is guaranteed to make you feel like you've entered a brand new home!

The kitchen.

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Urban Myth

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Urban Myth

Day 1: Give your microwave and oven a deep clean.

Day 2: Scrub all your appliances, inside and out.

Day 3: Wipe all your cupboard doors, from top to bottom.

Day 4: Give your fridge a good once over.

Day 5: Audit all your kitchen ingredients and throw out old food.

Day 6: Scrub the sink and the cupboard underneath it. Don't forget those waste traps!

Day 7: Wash your walls, the kitchen back splash and the bin.

Day 8: Give your hob a good scrub, wipe all your bench tops and finally, wash the floor!


Day 9: Wipe all your bathroom storage cupboards and medicine cabinets, inside and out.

Day 10: Have an audit of your medicines and toiletries and throw anything out of date into the bin.

Day 11: Clean the shower, bath, shower curtain and walls. (homify hint: most shower curtains can go in the washing machine!)

Day 12: Deep clean your toilet, wipe all counter surfaces, shine your mirror, then mop the floor.


Day 13: Clean all your mirrors, windows, blinds and curtains. Try to wash the curtains to get stale odors out.

Day 14: Organize your wardrobe and drawers. Throw out anything you don't wear or don't like any more and pare everything back.

Day 15: Deodorize your mattress and turn it, wash pillows, put all bed linen through a high temperature cycle and hoover the whole lot. Dead skin cells and bed bugs are hard to get rid of!

Day 16: Vacuum, mop or sweep your floor (depending on what type you have) and get right under bulky furniture items.

Day 17: Polish your furniture, clean the walls and spend some time wiping all your door handles.

The living room.

Day 18: Put all cushions and sofa covers in the washing machine and give them a thorough clean.

Day 19: Take throws and rugs outside to give them a hard beating, then polish chairs and tables.

Day 20: Tackle all the static that has collected dust on your electronics.

Day 21: Have a brutal unclutter session!

Day 22: Tackle the floor with a vacuum or mop and get under all your furniture.

Day 23: Give your walls a wipe down and polish any hardware, such as handles and knobs.

Day 24: Clean the windows, blinds and/or curtains. A vacuum works well on curtains and minimizes dust spray.

The study.

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My-Studio Ltd

Stones Farm Study

My-Studio Ltd

Day 25: Clean your desk, chair, and walls, but also have a unclutter at this stage. Your space should be conducive to work, not overflowing with rubbish.

Day 26: Wipe down your bookshelves and then clean the floor last.

Other spaces.

Day 27: Run a cleaning cycle on your washing machine with no clothes in, then get rid of the lint in your dryer and wipe down both machines.

Day 28: Grab a pressure washer and give your patio a good going over, as well as any furniture!

Day 29: Clean out your car and get rid of old food wrappers. Wipe any child seats down too.

Day 30: Clean your cleaning supplies. No, we're not mad! This helps to keep everything meticulous.

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Are you going to do the challenge? Why? Why not?
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