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This gorgeous home proves it's all in the details

Leigh Leigh
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Today, we are going to explore a detached modern-style home, designed with neutral colours and materials. Designed by professionals In2Home, we will also see how the interior of the home takes on new life with gorgeous details, artwork and design.

The idea behind this project was to create a spacious interior that opens up onto the beautiful surroundings. We will also see how personality and charm have been injected into the design and decor.

As we explore this home, we will discover that wood and stone are a perfect match and see how neutral colours allow graphics and tones to take centre stage. 

Are you ready for a tour?

Calm exteriors

From the outside of the home, we can see just how serene and earthy it is with its neutral tones and elegant shape.

A large, wooden gate opens up onto a functional and stylish grey brick driveway. This takes cars to a double garage, which not only neatly packages the exterior look and feel of the home but also offers cars a protected place to be stored out of adverse weather conditions. Bicycles and other items can be stored in here too.

If you are planning a garage reno, have a look at these 6 extraordinary garages to protect your car for more inspiration.

There is also a fabulous walkway that leads up to a gorgeous entrance, welcoming guests, friends and family. 

A mix of materials

From this angle, we can see how the home features a very modern and sophisticated design, with a mix of materials creating a striking look and feel.

The designers have gone for smooth, plastered grey walls, which complement the stone cladding and the grey roof as well as the wooden finishes. 

The beautiful garden further enhances the exterior design, creating a very picturesque piece of architecture. Remember that your garden plays as much of a role in the exterior look and feel as the home itself. Be sure to mow the lawn and prune the plants. It's also worth investing in some beautiful flowers. 

Detailed interiors

The interior of the home is sophisticated and sassy as we really get an opportunity to see how much attention has been paid to the details.

The open plan design ensures that the rooms all flow into one another, creating a very spacious, expansive and airy design. The living room features neutral tones and colours in the form of a wooden coffee table, a grey and white sofa and grey, tiled floors. However, the designers have brought in some dynamic and trendy black and white patterns in the form of the cushions and the rug, creating a unique and eclectic design.

In this image, we also get a sense of how much of a role natural light plays in the interior space thanks to the large glass windows and doors. It creates a very warm, light and bright feel that is further enhanced by the white walls.

Separating spaces

As mentioned before, the designers have gone for an open plan design, which is why there are no walls separating rooms according to their function.

However, what is apparent in this image is how they have used flooring to separate the dining room from the living room—a very nifty trick! This allows the rooms to remain spacious and interactive, while still keeping the functionalities clear and separate.

Have a look at these tips for how to stylishly split a room without a wall.

Character and charm

In this image, we can see how pieces of artwork have been carefully selected to introduce character and charm to the interior design. 

You don't need to overwhelm your home with decor items and accessories, but a few pieces like this one won't go amiss. They show guests and visitors who you are and what your passions are as well as remind you of the things that you find beautiful.

Choose a few pieces that speak to your personality and put them on display in your home.

The light and bright kitchen

The kitchen of this home looks out onto the gorgeous views, thanks to the large glass windows in the corner of the room. It almost seems to frame the landscape, like a piece of artwork!

The rest of this space features very neutral tones and earthy materials including wooden cladding and grey, granite counter tops. This creates a very warm and inviting environment.

You'll also notice that only the most functional of items are on display here, everything else is stored neatly out of sight. This keeps the kitchen functional and savvy.

An oasis

The bedroom of the home is a wonderful example of how simple details can create a very unique environment.

The designers have gone for soft, pastel colours and earthy tones in this room, enveloping the home owner in warmth and serenity. The blue and grey tones of the bedspread create a very appealing and charming effect, while the three pieces of artwork on the wall bring in a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Again, you'll notice that this room isn't cluttered or crowded. Only the most necessary of items are on display.

Tip: Add large beige tiles to the walls like these designers have done to create a cocoon-like effect in your bedroom.

Panoramic views

And finally, we get a chance to see how the home spills out onto beautiful panoramic views. The designers have integrated the exterior spaces into the architecture, ensuring that the family has constant access to them.

This covered terrace would be the perfect spot for summer lunches or relaxing with a good book in the fresh air. 

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