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11 wooden homes

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Wood is a simple material which though very humble & basic, can work wonders for any construction, and the architects & interior designers will readily vouch for this. This noble gift of nature is economical to work with and the final result is aesthetically sound. The adaptability of wood to our desired format is its high point and it offers a variety of possible products that can be created from its raw form. This is exactly what we are going to explore at homify today.

Let us walk you through a list of 11 different types of cabins made of wood with one commonality- visually appealing home close to nature. After all, the best sanctum one can find is in the lap of pristine nature, isn’t it?

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This log cabin is a country house that conveys style in its simplicity. A perfect weekend cottage, this one employs the natural essence of wood to project its beauty. The uneven finish on wood with signs of wear & tear over time lend a hint of charm to this cabin.

Blending old and new.

Entirely designed in wood, this Scandinavian styled cabin bears a traditional touch with a subtle hint of modernity—notice the guardrails and the large squarish windows. The crude look of the wooden wall panels complements the light colored wooden steps & the platform on the outside.

Homely comfort is a tradition.

Lucky 4 Ranch Uptic Studios Rustic style house
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

The rustic accents of this traditional cabin with some colonial hints are neat and simply graceful. The varied tones for different elements like walls, frames, door as well as the furniture impart a winsome look to this woody wonder.

Uncomplicated modernity.

Log Cabin homify Modern Garden Wood Wood effect

Log Cabin


In this no-frills low cost Bordeaux log cabin, contemporary grace & comfort are the key. Suitable for use as a summerhouse, garden office or garden studio, this cabin features a flat roof and is enveloped with green relief.

Plush accents of snugness.

Cedarcarte Garden living Applecrate Modern Houses

Cedarcarte Garden living


Sleek yet restrained design, utilizing the latent elegance of wood, adorns this modern wooden cabin. With a facade oozing warmth, this one offers outdoor lounging space to bask in the surrounding natural wonders.

Lush rejuvenation.

This modern cabin has a wooden case on the external surface, that allows for ventilation & thermal balance. Functioning as a second skin for the facade, the horizontal wooden bars make for a jazzy exterior. On the interior, we can view the full width deck that serves as a threshold seat. Really modish !

Small & naturally sassy.

Although low on dimensions, this charming cabin bears a modern vibe in its woody details & well lit interiors.  A deep connection with nature is conveyed through the humility of the wood panels as well as the refreshing mellowness of wood.

Dapper density for hospitality.

Capable of being worked as a denser material and also in large volumes to yield appealing results, wood can surprise you with its flexibility. A good example is this house in the image—it stands out for its size with the woody aspect making it look homogeneous with the surrounding forested area. Though replete with modular comforts, this mansion packs the warmth & basic goodness of wood in its homely accents.

Modernizing tradition.

Timber Clad Exterior Facit Homes Wooden houses
Facit Homes

Timber Clad Exterior

Facit Homes

With traditional aspects like the shape of the graceful interiors and that of the windows, this stylish wooden house bears contemporary undertones. Looking like a movie set, this cabin beautifully employs timber wood & highlights its sheen using vertical streaks for the exterior. The natural simplicity of wood imparts a strange sophistication to this dwelling.

Different formats of humble charm.

Denver Street Lot 7 Uptic Studios Modern Houses
Uptic Studios

Denver Street Lot 7

Uptic Studios

Contemporary details of this huge wood cabin bear worked wood in different shades as well as textures (walls, floors, ceilings, etc.). Though one of the oldest construction materials, wood offers a surprisingly great deal of relaxation to the residents—being versatile & truly comforting, it lends a homely suggestion to a dwelling.

Look at the barbecue space on the first floor terrace. Closeness with nature, modern comfort & delectable savories—what more can you ask for?

Finessed inside out.

Here, the focus is on the appealingly fashionable interior design; this modern wooden cabin portrays the magnificence of wood somewhat subtly. Emphasis has been laid on the proper passage of light & air inside so as to keep it well ventilated and optimally lit. The smart design of the cabin is such that the structural grace is highlighted without taking away from the interiors.

The terrace space offers outdoor lounging. Note the contemporary jazz of the interiors through the clear glass doors & windows.

Which of these wooden wonders caught your fancy? Share with us!
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