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In this edition of homify 360°, we travel to Brixham, a small fishing town located in Devon, south-west England. Here we discover an architectural piece designed by professionals Nicolas Tye Architects, sporting the luxurious contemporary style. 

Working from a modest brief, which called for a contemporary and sustainable four-bedroom residence, the architects used a former garden plot for their project. The main intention of the design was to make large appear small, retaining a sense of openness to the tree-lined street where the house is located. 

As an additional benefit to the house and its owners, an air source heat pump and solar collectors were placed in the centre of the roof, which effectively takes care of any heating requirements. 

The end result? A house that accomplishes a modern, dramatic finish, yet provides a charming and luxurious living space – a true lifetime home.

The full storey

We kick off our discovery in the backyard, where a lush green lawn provides a picturesque setting for this modern feature. 

The top storey, clad in a graphite black brick finishing, rests daringly above the glazing white ground floor. Contrasting dark with light is a feature as old as time, and here we see why: it works superbly. 

The first floor makes use of an innovative mortar-less brick system, which allows for easy disassembling and reusing, should the option ever appear. 

The flat roof sports an opening that reveals the sky and parts of the surrounding trees. Adding this element onto the narrow banding of the top storey makes the narrow plot appear far more spacious.

Main entrance

The main entrance gives the effect of stumbling into another dimension – from a busy, noisy, colour-filled street, to a serene and quiet environment clad in crisp white. 

Minimal décor amplifies the space and white hues, and intensifies the few bits and bobs that sport a darker colour (the staircase, the door-frame) in this pristine white entrance. Natural lighting intensifies with the addition of a double window right above the glass entrance, resulting in an almost double-storey window effect. 

The usage of the glass glazing breaks up the house’s dominant form, and makes it appear lighter and friendlier, while still retaining a solid touch of style.

The kitchen

The stylish kitchen opens up refreshingly onto the backyard, allowing for a welcome addition of natural green into its contemporary area. 

The white tiled floor from the main entrance continues to accompany us in this spacious cooking area, mirrored in the pale walls and ceiling, and contrasting delightfully against the dark warmth of the walnut wood. This elegant addition of timber can be seen in parts of the kitchen counter, as well as a generous portion of the one wall. 

While small built-in ceiling fixtures sparkle, stainless steel stools and tap features gleam their approval. This is a clean space, a contemporary area, yet it is bound to make a comfortable setting for anybody up for a snack or chat session in the kitchen.

The staircase

We ascend the staircase, a dark wooden journey clad in elegance. Clean and contemporary glass balustrades hold our hand while we journey upstairs. 

The dominantly pale tone used throughout the house gives off a cool ambience, but there’s no need to fear come winter. A prefabricated shell of structurally insulated panels has been used in the design. This results in an airtight and thermally efficient space, which means heat generated on the inside will stay inside. 

Not only stylish, but also functional! 

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The bathroom

A stylish cleansing area awaits us upstairs. Pale brown floors gracefully offsets against the white surroundings. A fabulous corner window ensures a warm stream of natural lighting by day, and a starry ambience by night. 

The elegant oval bath has been placed next to the shower area, separated only by a thin glass coat. An abundance of shelf space has been provided, ideal for this double-person bathroom (note the two basins, delightful “mini-me” versions of their bigger cousin, the bathtub). 

The bathroom has quite an elongated layout, yet clever feature placements allow for spacious movement.

A front view

Nightfall approaches, and it’s time for lighting fixtures to do their work – and what a stunning effect. Giving a warm and cosy glow to the interior, the lighting successfully illuminates the house, contrasting quite dramatically with the approaching darkness outside.  

The southern side of the house has a limited set of overhangs and balconies, which allows for more glass placement, effectively adding to the natural lighting (and warmth) of the house. 

With the interior lighting beaming away, the front facade looks just as welcome and roomy as the back side of the house, almost beckoning us to consider another interior tour of this peaceful and elegant dwelling.

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