The Winnipeg home that's the perfect lakeside retreat

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Lake of the woods cottage, Unit 7 Architecture Unit 7 Architecture Modern Houses
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This iconic lakefront property is sunny and splendid, nestled on a quiet slope along Lake of the Woods in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Built by the architects from Unit 7 Architecture, this lake cottage is a far cry from a crotchety rustic cabin—this modern home enjoys a lofty, sunlit interior, glamorous fireplace, well-equipped modern kitchen, and expansive sun deck, all situated above a luxurious wooden boathouse!

​Lakefront access

This luxurious rural home sits along a slice of the extensive Lake of the Woods shoreline, which measures over 65,000 miles (the longest shoreline of any lake in Canada, if you count the part of the shore that technically lies within the United States!). This natural feature was named for its densely wooded surroundings—you can find a stunning example of the lush flora surrounding the lake in this image, which shows the home up on the slope with the boathouse and sun deck on the water. This paired set of building has clearly been designed with the lake as a forefront priority, achieving panoramic views through plenty of water-facing windows.

​Sun deck

The lower mass of the home is a boat house, with a sun deck above with ample space for reading a book in the sunshine. Tall windows enclose a four-seasons porch that is easily accessed through a patio door at the far end of the image.

​Four-seasons porch

This four-seasons porch is a light and lofty sitting room whose primary focus lies beyond its glassy windows—it seems that every piece of furniture in this room has been designed to be as lightweight as possible so as to maintain a low profile and allow for unobstructed views. The orientation of this patio furniture also creates a strong focus on the outdoors, with the chairs and sofa inviting you to look out across the water.

​Boat house

Below the sun deck, this family enjoys the luxury of a private boathouse, constructed of wood and built to accommodate two large boats, with winches for raising them out of the water and garage doors for closing up shop come wintertime.

​Main building

The main structure that sits back from the water provides the primary living areas for this family—in this image, you see a grand fireplace that appears to stretch across the whole living room, crowned by a rustic mantle that balances a no-frills construction with grandiose ornamentation.


Light grey wooden cabinets give this kitchen an aged, rustic appeal, but the inclusion of a wide array of stainless steel appliances and wealth of modern features like a coffee bar and granite countertops bring this kitchen design fully into the 21st century!

​Living room

The common area of the home is housed under an open area with second floor mezzanine overlooking the living room from above. This refreshing room is characterized by a neutral palette and soft textures, with points of interest provided by the intricate patterns in the woven rugs, green floral accents, and exotic zebra hide rug.

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