​6 things you can remove from your home now

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Our home is usually a reflection of our personality. The way we design it and organize it shows our leanings in life and our lifestyle choices as well. But did you know that your home is also a reflection of your state of mind? The things that we collect and the way we choose to store and retrieve them later are what decides how the rest of our day plays out or how you feel after you have come back home from work. The clutter of our homes can easily influence our moods and make us feel like we are at an utter loss when it comes to running our lives successfully. In order to combat such a mood kill, we have come up with six household items that we do not need. So remove these from your home this New Year and resolve to maintain a clutter-free space where you can actually breathe and be yourself!

1. ​Chemical cleaning items.

These not only take up precious shelf space, but they can also create a lot of toxicity in your surroundings, leading to a host of problems like allergic reactions and much more. This New Year, log on to your favorite search engine and check for DIY cleaning solutions that you can make and use at home. Also, you can look for organic cleaning solutions that can replace the chemical laden ones!

2. ​Paper towels.

This modern invention is supposed to make life easier. Yet, it leaves a carbon footprint as so many trees are being chopped to get the pulp for making this paper. Also, with the number of homes disposing these paper towels, we have a massive carbon footprint on the planet too. So stick to rags and cloth for your cleaning needs. These can be cleaned and reused as well.

3. ​Humidifiers.

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These appliances usually make the air around you just right with the right quantity of moisture. However, you can just as easily open your windows, do away with the large electricity bills and put in a potted plant or two for some purified air.

4. ​Hot plate.

A hot plate is a device which seeks to replace the oven and stove top. But it can at best only heat and reheat food even as it cooks something on a medium heat. So you can remove this to heat your food on a normal stove top.

​5. Egg cooker.

These egg cookers are supposed to help you cook and boil your eggs just right—a feat that we have been managing since time immemorial. So we would suggest going back to using your culinary instincts, rather than stocking up on such gadgetry.

​6. Automated can opener.

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This one seems to be the fastest selling item in many convenience stores and super markets. But do we really need a power-sucking gadget to replace the slight manual effort we were using in the past, for the same task? Think again! You might be interested to know that this lovely kitchen was rendered by the interior designers and decorators at Platz.

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