7 cozy and comfortable winter ideas for your home

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From using energy efficient curtains, to making sure the textiles you have in your home are the right ones (choose merino, cashmere, cotton and natural fibers, and steer clear of polyesters and synthetics), there are countless ways to make the colder months more enjoyable. 

So just in time to get you through the depth of winter, we have 7 ideas to make you cozier and more comfortable at home. Let's take a look at them. 

1. Cushions, cushions, cushions.

As soon as the temperatures drop outside, all we want to do is to huddle together inside, especially in living rooms. Suddenly, the things we sit on and the textiles we cover ourselves with become more important. Sofas need to be wide and long, with plenty of cushions, and the upholstery needs to be soft, and ideally, made from natural fibers. 

Remember: the more cushions you have, the cozier you will feel! 

2. Decorate a shade darker.

Yes, light colored walls help make a room feel larger and bounce natural light around a room, making it brighter, but sometimes you need to actually go darker. If you go for grey shades, beiges, or even off-whites for your wall color, the room will feel smaller and cozier (ask for advice from an expert interior decorator if you want to know which shade or color is best for your home). 

Add low lighting or multiple lamps around the room and you will have your very own cocoon to spend the wintery months in. 

3. Soft, wooly and thick rugs.

There's nothing worse than having cold feet in winter, and sometimes house shoes, fluffy slippers or thick socks just don't cut it. What you need are plenty of soft wooly rugs around the home (if you don't have carpet already). They will not only stop your feet being chilly, but will stop any niggling drafts wafting through the house. 

4. Adding signs of life.

If life is lacking outside, then have it inside. Surround yourself with plenty of healthy green plants, and they will not only increase your mood and purify the air, but they will also remind you the cold months will come to an end—eventually!  

Before you go out and buy from the garden store, read our list of the best air-cleaning plants for your home

5. Embrace artificial lighting.

The biggest thing that our bodies lack during the wintery months is sunlight, but there are things you can do at home to try to battle the Vitamin D deficiency. Modern light bulbs can replicate the light of the sun, and can even be dimmer at certain times during the day, depending on your rhythms. 

Do research what options for artificial light are available—they will work wonders for your mental health. 

6. Gather around the hearth.

If you don't have a fireplace already, then get one—quick! They make all the difference in a home when it's cold outside, and there are a multitude of options available. From traditional, built-in fireplaces to open fire pits with tidy ventilation systems, you can have any fireplace you could dream of. 

So start shopping and get ready to roast!

7. Use curtains to capture the heat.

One easy but often overlooked trick to keeping cozy at home are curtains. If you have large windows then you want to make sure they can be covered at night. Thick and long is best, and you can also get energy efficient, thermal backed curtains to keep even more heat in. 

Also don't forget about draft stoppers in front of doors—they really do help. 

What's your favorite thing to do to stay wrapped up warm at home in winter?

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